The Enemies Within by Michael Savage We've been focusing on the enemies within, but I will tell you that now that the sleeping giant has been awakened, we can all focus on the enemies without and the enemies within. And believe me we don't have to look to far. if you've been listening to my program they are branding themselves simply by getting up and continuing what they've been doing for twenty and thirty years. The fact of the matter is they've long hated this country. They've long wanted to see it chained. They've long wanted to see it fall. The best thing we can do is listen to them; read what they write. Simply if you are a leftist, I certainly never supported any of these people (I've attacked them for all the years I've been on radio, tryin to warn you about them), but when you hear these vile speeches of the kind we read on my program, what you do is if you are a good liberal you withdraw your support. You don't go to those churches where you hear it, you stop giving to the phony groups; when you find out that they're putting a knife into the back of America in our time of need. That's what you can do as an American. Now let's go to England. TV viewers may suffer trauma says Lesley Carriage-Smith, a psychologist, a trauma expert, she says te events that are unfolding in the United States should not be watched on television. She says it's possible to be badly effected by watching an event like this, really, well Ms. Hyphenated English woman, if you were in charge of your country when you were attacked by Hitler, I doubt that you would still be speaking English. I'm sure the British were traumatized by the V1 and V2 rockets. And I'm sure they were traumatized by the flames in the sky. But ladies and gentlemen, I don't think it traumatizes people. I think it makes people tough to see the face of the damage done by the enemy. And now we go on to the New York Times. You see, the sensitive folks at the New York Times have attacked President George W. Bush when he used the phrase "wanted dead or alive," when he described the fate of Osama Bin Ladin. The sensitive literary geniuses at the New York Times suggested that President Bush take rhetorical lessons from Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. In 1919 Churchill wrote of Lenin and Trotsky as follows, "They aim at a worldwide and international league, but a leage of failures, the criminals, the unfit, the mutinous, the morbid, the deranged, and the distraught in every land and between them in such order of civilization as we have seen, as we have been able to build from the dawn of history there can a Lenin proclaims be neither truce nor pact." Well ladies and gentlemen, that sounds very much like Osama Bin Ladin. "A league of failures, the criminals, the unfit, the mutinous, the morbid, the deranged, and the distraught in every land." I don't really understand how the differential is made between the communists who wanted to bring a thousand years of darkness to the world and these characters.