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self-portrait with glowstick

A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and 

political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more 

than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the 

American West for his entire life. 

Born a fifth-generation Nebraskan — both sides of his 

family having arrived via covered wagon — he effected an 

escape by his sixth month, and grew up in Wyoming, 

(briefly) Kansas and New Mexico. A survivor of Texas 

(Christian University) and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. 

Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with his wife 

–also a published author — his cat and an astonishing 

amount of pollen.

Cub Scout, Laramie, Wyoming, 1965.

He also blogs at The Moderate Voice and The Democratic 

Daily. For many years, he was a fixture on 

Memeorandum, on “Mike’s Blog Roundup” at Crooks and 

Liars, Salon’s Best of the Blogs (edited by the Rachel 

Maddow show’s Steve Benin) and the Jon Swift Memorial 

Blog Roundup edited by Batocchio of The Vagabond 

Scholar. And, for a few lively years, he was a regular 

pundit with his “radio voice” at the local Air America 

Affiliate, KOPT (RIP). [Here’s a comedy bit from Cheney’s 

Face Shooting Daze (sic).] 

Contact: webmaster AT hartwilliams DOT com*

  * YOU MUST add QQQ to the subject line or I may not

see it for weeks.

Ted Nugent lives in fear of him.

Visit his nationally acclaimed blog at


Visit his radio page (he was a regular on KOPT

AirAmerica radio 2005-2007)

Or, visit his four blog archives, Skiing Uphill, Boregasm

and Zug and his blog’s sister site, The Commonwealth of


Mr. Williams is also a fine artist pencil artist illustrator 

drawer of pictures. See the Vorpal Gallery for more. 

(Regarding music, let’s not speak. At least not here. The 

hackneyed term “Renaissance Person” comes to mind, 

and the less said about THAT, the better. Sheesh!)

21st Indiana Battery recruiting poster

Fun Fact: Mr. Williams’ Great-great Grandfather  and his 

brother fought with Turchin’s Brigade under General  

George Thomas at Chickamauga.

A commercial website

I tried giving my writing away to the commonweal for a decade. That worked amazingly, but produced no corresponding enrichment. This site changes that.

An illustrative example

The special government shutdown edition of Ayn Nation Under God. As predicted, Libertarian principles, applied, led to chaos in the name of selfish cruelty. First blog essays on Ayn Rand? 2005’s “Ayn Kampf.”
t’was brillig and the slythy toves The official author’s website and world corporate headquarters for Hart Williams  ‘Massacring English publicly since 1973’ About

(or, if you’re here from Canada, Aboot.)

A hart

His Vorpal Sword, est. 1995