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Vol 1 No. 7                       December 16, 2004 

Oregon Nazis Strike Again
 article by Hart Williams

Nazis have been leafleting Oregon, again. The Tualatin Valley Skins (and perhaps Volksfront) have been leafleting Eugene neighborhoods.

Racist flyers have been appearing in Eugene driveways, according to the REGISTER-GUARD. The flyers are, in many cases, identical to those available for download on the Tualatin Valley Skins’ website, the appealingly-named “nukeisrael.com.” The site carries this comforting disclaimer: “This site is for educational use only... It should not be considered legal advice, always consult a lawyer about any specific case. The information should not be considered an endorsement of violent or criminal acts.”

It also specifically refers to a Eugene leafleting project, and gives instructions on the flyers that is identical to the Register-Guard’s report of racist hate flyers “found in driveways wrapped in plastic bags that also contained gravel -- a method of distribution recommended on the Web site.”

The Skinhead site gives instructions on leafleting:

“Everyone seems to have their favorite method of distribution. We prefer the 3-5AM drops throughout white suburbia. Like a ghost we appear and toss flyers on peoples lawns or driveways and exit without being seen. Sometimes we target their morning newspaper. When people go out to get the jewspaper they will also get our skinhead flyers.”

And it gives the rationale for the campaign:“

“New Member Initiation: The Tualatin Valley Skins has developed a rather unique system for weeding out narks and other traitorous vermin scum. The membership process involves going through an orientation followed by several initiation flyer distributions.

“All Prospective Skin members must first prove their racial intentions by performing a series of these Mass Exposure Events(MEE's).

“Anti-racist infiltrators cringe at the idea of handing out hundreds of white power flyers to their neighbors or school children. You must be capable of dropping at least 1000 White Power flyers into any town and avoid getting caught. Every MME must be previously approved by the commanding Master Ghost Skin.

“As with all of our endorsed activities, you are always required to obey the law. As any Skinhead knows, the American Judicial system is highly biased against White Patriots. If they frame you with fake charges, you will always lose in court ...

“We don't want crooks, vandals or terrorists: only honorable racial Patriots willing to bust their white Asses working legally for Hitler ... - JImbo (sic) Whitey, National Director - Frank Von Helsing, Membership DIrector (also sic)" Elsewhere on the site, Whitey is identified as "Director Tualatin Valley Skins."

This is an initiation ceremony and a recruitment drive. Twice in the past year -- once in January and again in May -- Portland reported similar incidents, both of which were followed by “unity” rallies -- preferably far away from the Skinheads. The stated reason being that they didn’t want any “trouble.”

On International Human Rights Day, Saturday, December 11th, at an event at LCC, the R-G reported “Moments before civic leaders announced plans for an anti-racism awareness campaign Saturday, a young man walked around the room at Lane Community College and handed out fliers charging that various federal policies are causing the white race to be exterminated. Attendees of the human rights celebration looked at the fliers, then at each other, in stunned silence. The man yelled, "White power!" and walked out.”

What, inquiring minds want to know, was IN the flyer? The R-G minced words thusly: “The flier handed out Saturday amounted to an indictment of the federal government and its policies leading to the alleged "genocide" of white people. The flier had the name of a different Portland-based white power group on the bottom but listed a Eugene post office box.”

The group in question may well be Volksfront, who have a Eugene P.O. Box and leafleted Springfield last year. According to the Salem Statesman Journal (March 21, 2003): “A white supremacist presence still lurks in the Pacific Northwest. Someone distributed leaflets on cars in Springfield attacking Martin Luther King Jr. The fliers, which may have been connected with the group Volksfront, called for repeal of the national holiday honoring King.”

Thus far, only leaflets have appeared, but violence has reared its ugly head in the past.

The traditional media approach to such groups invariably characterizes the speech without reproducing it. This long-term suppression (seen in David Duke’s bizarre Republican candidacy for president in 1988) never allows any quotation of the literature in question, and the argument can be made that this is a wrong-headed and counter-productive approach.

Duke was NEVER quoted during that entire campaign, which reinforced a point that I made about his dis-invited non-appearance at Texas Christian University, in the TCU DAILY SKIFF, some 30 years ago: we need to let them hang themselves with their own words. Needlessly censoring this garbage only builds in potential recruits a certain perverse “sympathy.”

The R-G articles faithfully follow this precept, but this is what they are saying (from the Skinheads’ website and flyers):

“Mexican invasion is White genocide

“(sic) the massive waves of subhuman brownskins from the south will be the death of us. The invaders breed 3 times faster than European-Americans. White-Europeans aren't even breeding to the replacement level, while Beanors (sic) are banging out kids like rabbits. Combined the fact of high birth rate with the millions of spics entering our country illegally and whitey is a dying breed. ... The white holocaust is real and if we would have followed Hitler's plan our genetic future would be assured. Instead, Whites face extinction and replacement from a race of genetically inferior sub-humans: genocide that is promoted by the Media and government.

And this:

“Today White people need Hitler's glourious (sic) race-based plan more than anytime in history. Whitey forget the Jewsmedia lies and embrace you (sic) own race. Open yourself up to White Power!”

There is plenty more where that came from. But refutation comes directly from merely quoting the material.

Instead, we hold “anti-hate rallies” and the barbarians at our gates openly sneer at us. For some reason, they don’t take our rallies seriously.


Hart Williams is a member of the National Writers Union.