28 June 2006

A Nude Beginning, or, Kicking out the Jams

Welcome to Boregasm. You should have migrated over from Skiing Uphill which had run its natural course.

So, a new beginning. First off, we'll be enabling comments. SU was designed as a book from the beginning, and while "letters to the editor" were appreciated, very few were ever published in the blog.

This time, the process will be more naked. There will be more multimedia, more hotlinking and backlinking and uplinking and downlinking and all that jazz. More RSS and XML and all that rock and roll. And, of course, pithier comments, shorter verbiages, and all that rap.

But I am going to utilize templates that aren't so graphics intensive, and are minimally cluttered. Words, and fewer pictures, in other words (and new pictures!).

Skiing Uphill had reached a point where I was writing faster than the readership could comfortably keep up with, so this will be more of a relaxed format. I'll try to post once a day or so, but, in keeping with the ADD of the more successful blogs, shorter commentary, usually.

So, your participation is invited. I've decided to let anyone comment, so we'll put up with the haters, the trolls and the rest (though it will mysteriously vanish, much as graffiti walls are regularly repainted). The price we pay for freedom of speech is tolerating speech that we don't like. Nihil obstat.

A note on Ed Waldo:

I'm Hart Williams, masquerading as Ed Waldo. I make no secret of the fact. On the other hand, the reason that I'm doing it is because it delights me. 'Why?' remains a secret, however. Sorry.

Still, it's important to keep SOME of the old protocols.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In anticipation of an E-ticket ride. My seat is belted.


6/29/2006 10:40:00 AM  

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