11 July 2006

Addendum to Yesterday's Story

In researching yesterday's story on Arno Political Consultants, who obtained the signatures for three ballot measures which may be on Oregon's November ballot, I wrote to APC:
Mon, 10 Jul 2006 14:29:04 -0700

Dear APC (info@apcusa.com):

On your webpage, you state:

"For a list of our more than 500 clients please feel free to contact us."

I am interested in your services, but I would like to see the list.

Might I?

Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.


Hart Williams
I received this reply from Michael Arno, too late to include in the report:
From: "Michael Arno"
To: "Hart Williams"

We haven't updated our website in some time and no longer give out our client list. However, we tend to work on behaf (sic) of conservative/republican clients and the business community. Please feel free to call if you have any questions at (916) 638-1596 and ask for Michael Arno.

Thank you.
Straight from the horse's mouth.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course had you identified yourself as a quasi-journalist we may have been able to have a different conversation. You are doing exactly what all the other so-called journalists have been doing to my company for the past five years: perpetuating a erroneous story that my company engages in any type of fraud. The stories stick because of Google, and the accusers are able to get away with it because they have a sympathetic ear with the reporters. But the fact the stories are oft-repeated still doesn't make them any more accurate. Politics through defamation is what the unions and the left have come to and it does not become your otherwise well-researched Blog to carry the water for them. Show a little courage and call -- I left my telephone number.

Michael Arno

P.S. Lesson one in writing: don't point out a typo from another writer unless what you have written is free of the same.

7/14/2006 09:37:00 PM  

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