26 August 2006

Voulez Vous Deja Vu? Tu?

In the wake of Katrina, last year, I collage'd the following mashup which was played on the Sept 9, 2005 edition (8 am for those who want to go to www.kopt.com and get the podcast for that date) of "Breakfast With Nancy," where I remain a regular guest on the AirAmerica Radio affiliate, KOPT 1600 AM.

This link appeared on my old blog (Skiing Uphill) on Sept 13, 2005

Download the MP3 of just the mashup (right click and "save as"):

Voulez vous deja vu

Considering the blatant attempts that are being made to rewrite history and play PR games by the Bushies it might be a good thing to listen to what actually happened last year.

Nearly every media outlet in the land uncritically pimped the phony "Rockey Vaccarella" photo-op with Bush. Vaccarella was GOP candidate for County Commissioner for St. Bernard's Parish in 1999. But his "trailer" tour hasn't been much featured by leftie bloggers, who don't seem to have noticed that Vaccarella began the whole thing as a media circus. There is a COMPLETE Itinerary posted on the New Orleans TIMES-PICAYUNE website, predating the photo-op!

It is pure Public Relations, and the "news" media of this country have uncritically published the Press Releases as though they were their own, and not lazy plagiarism.

Click here to see it.

I guess propaganda and a phony photo-op stunt outweigh the astonishing and criminal Administration incompetence and theft WHICH CONTINUES regarding the entire Katrina disaster. So, click on the mashup and listen to last year's disaster.

Then see how you feel about the "rewrite" that's being featured this week.

According to the unimpeachable Sean Hannity (I mean that literally, sad to say), it was the Democrats not sending the buses that was the cause of the disaster.


Bizarrely, today's CNN radio news featured (after the uncritical summation of the Bush Saturday radio speech, which was platitudinous past the point of nausea) the additional story of a couple, who had waited for a year for a FEMA trailer moving in today.

Sadly, because of toxic fumes in the trailer, it almost immediately exploded.

I keed you not. The trailer exploded.

The man's arm was severely burned. The woman is hospitalized.

And the FEMA trailers in Arkansas continue to sink deeper into the mud, still undelivered, still uninhabited: "compassionate conservatism" in action, one supposes.

Isn't that an eerily perfect metaphor for the human response to that natural disaster?



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