15 August 2006

What's The Matter With Nebraska?

An anonymous blog reader left the following comment on Part VIII of "Unlimited Terms of Endearment" -- the investigative report on how ALG money travels through Montana, Nebraska, and back into the bedroom of ALG Chairman of the Board Eric O'Keefe's wife.

This has been the source of great consternation in Nebraska: the media don't know where the money comes from or where it goes. Part VIII answered both questions.

Anonymous said...
Please send this to all of our Nebraska media. They have been reporting in bits and dabs on this but nothing this significant about the paper trail. My question always was: What does a tax-limit petition (SOS Nebraska) have to do with an anti-euthanasia petition (Humane Care)and why doesn't Neb. Accountability & Disclosure Comm look in to Renewal Voter Outreach, America At Its Best, etc? Are their hands tied? Just as they were when Americans for Limited Government came in and foisted term limits on the State? At least that one had a modicum of grassroots support.

8/15/2006 07:42:56 PM
If it's any consolation, this WAS sent to every Nebraska newspaper, and many TV and radio outlets -- on the day it was posted. As was Part III, Under A Western Sky

Thus far, it has generated precisely ONE story: Sunday's Lincoln Journal-Star piece, which was cobbled together straight from Ray Ring's HIGH COUNTRY NEWS Howie Rich interview, and the (Portland) Oregonian's front page story on 8-5-06, which was adapted for the national wire on the Newhouse News Service (BY DAVE HOGAN And BETSY HAMMOND 8-8-06)
Nancy Hicks: Meet Howard Rich
Lincoln Journal Star, NE - Aug 13, 2006

Who is Howard Rich, the man most often mentioned as the financial power behind numerous state initiative petition campaigns to limit state spending ? ...
OK, to be fair, they ran ANOTHER story on Sunday.

And that's it.

They know about this -- every daily in Nebraska, and whatever weeklies I could find, including the Alliance paper, the Scottsbluff paper, etc. -- they have been handed all the research to corroborate, the story, the links and it's all wrapped up and tied with a pink bow. For free.

But, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Even the NE statepaper.com.

I'd say that the Nebraska media is engaged in either astonishingly unprofessional and pathetic 'journalism,' else they are criminally engaged in a coverup.

Let me put it this way: were I editing a newspaper, and received a story like this, I would HAVE to check it out, if only to cover my ass, just in case it was true.

But, good suggestion. It was taken, and, except for the Lincoln paper, not a peep from the mighty OWH, the Independent in GI, the Kearney Hub, etc.

Here is the letter I received on July 13 (I've been sending out any posts that pertained to Nebraska). I gave my permission to reprint -- free of charge.
Hey, Hart -

Thank you for writing.

I enjoyed your piece [Part III] and would like to reprint it in StatePaper.com under your by-line. May I have your permission to do so?

And, by the way: "Mr. Howard" was my grandfather. I've always been happy with "Ed."

I hope to hear from you again and I look forward to visiting your blog.

With all good wishes.

Ed Howard
I said, "sure!"

Nothing was ever printed.

So: What's The Matter With Nebraska (Media)?



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