28 September 2006

Really I Must Protest

There was a minor dustup this week trying to "out" me -- the old Scientology trick of "dead agenting."* When the dust settled, nothing much was changed, except, as we'll see, this is a standard agressive campaign tactic.

[* http://www.xenu.net/archive/dictionary/
D/A, verb. Dead Agent; to spread malicious lies and rumors about an Anti-Scientologist person or organization, in an attempt to so thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted with them, and not listen to the information they have to give about the cult... ]
Please note that I accuse no one in this group of being involved with Scientology, other than Thomas Szasz having the occasional dinner with Tom Cruise. I merely note the adaptation of a well-defined tactic to this context.

Interesting synchronocity: A fellow named "Coyote" started shrieking "BISC" yesterday at Preemptive Karma. And over on the "Citizen-Activist" blog, somebody called "Irresponsible Spender" left an "anti-BISC" slur of some sort aimed at me.

You see, the attack on me had originated on the "Citizen Activist" blog -- ever notice how this stuff is always high falutin' and all-American sounding? -- well, Coyote REposted it on the NW Republican blog, which is very popular here in the Pacific Northwest among the minority of Republicans that can actually read. And that was what started all the trouble.

Except no one at NW Republican much seemed to care, so Coyote hied his hindquarters over to Preemptive Karma where battle was joined yesterday. All is quiet on the field of battle today. The ravens pick at the bones amidst the burning tanks. (I was accused of being "creative" which seemed a euphemism for "liar." So I thought I'd be "creative" here for a metaphor or five.)

As I was saying: I had several BISCs hurled in my direction. Since no one else seemed to know what was being talked about, no one ever responded. Evidently the menace of BISC remains underreported in the left-wing, biased Liberal media. Alas.
Irresponsible Spender said...

Hart, it's not that you were a pornographer ... it's that you weren't good enough at it to - er - stick. Can you share the details of how BISC recruited you? That would make a juicy story.

10:17 PM
The only problem with suchlike is that if the recipient of the slur has no idea what the hell you're talking about, it doesn't really work. I did some digging, and found out that BISC is the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, which put up the howierichexposed website. Well, I guess "Irresponsible Spender" has some odd linkages to the anti-union campaign that the Center for Union Facts has been running. Then didn't run. And now seems to be running again.

http://spendoregon.blogspot.com/ is linked off of the "Initiative is a good thing" (Citizen Activist) website, and its author turns out to be someone called "Irresponsible Spender." It's a nasty "parody" of the Rainy Day Amendment Opposition. But look down at the little link marked "View Our New TV Ads" and the link is http://www.unionfacts.com/ads.cfm

From astroturf groups, now we are surfeited with astroturf blogs. Should we be surprised?

But for goodness sake don't call it a conspiracy. Everyone will think you're nuts. Let's call it, instead, by the name that good right-thinking Americans call such things. A weird series of extremely convenient coincidences. Here's another one:

Suddenly, on the local AirAmerica affiliate, KOPT, these astonishingly slick anti-union attacks have been appearing, "Remember, the US SUPREME COURT says that your union dues can't be used for political campaigns you don't like. Find out how to GET YOUR MONEY BACK." They give a website, but until I track it down, you can hear a virtually identical ad at: http://www.usuw.org/US%20Union%20Watch%2060%20and%2030.mp3
(right click and choose "save as" if you want to keep it. Here's the ad's website)

Only last month, Mike Flynn from Union Facts (on the ALG agenda conference for 3 p.m. Friday, as part of a panel titled "Understanding the Opposition)" said: "You can get further with a kind word and a gun, than you can get with a kind word alone." He was quoting Al Capone -- humorously, one would like to believe -- and he added this:
"It's time for us to have the gun." And in the context of "earned media," he said Union Facts does ads with the media as a target -- so that the media will notice the ads and then do a story on the issues they raise. "The important thing," he said, "is for you to set the terms of the debate." (Anonymous Source in Attendance.)
So, is it an inadvertent slip on the Citizen-Activist blog that the Yes on Prop 90 (California) link goes straight to the Yes on I-933 website in Washington State? Or is it a telling slip?

It is a reminder, however, that now the very media reporting this story will be the subject of manipulation by the subjects of this story by their own admission. I will talk about their past tactics in a future blog. And there is one more bit of business to attend to:

But, really, I must protest. Having projected the understandable emotion that "uncovering my secrets" would be an attack that I'd wither from, and finding that I'm perfectly at peace with my career, the mysterious, anonymous "Helen Longora" at first identifies me as ... something perfidious, I guess:


27 Sept 2006

Helen Langora

* Gender: female

About Me

*I'd like readers to know that I'm writing this blog under a pseudonym. I hope to be more open someday. This is such an overheated campaign season and appropriate boundaries have already been crossed. Blogger Hart Williams is posting satellite links to the personal residences of those who are deemed to be his political enemies. Writing under a pseudonym seems prudent right now.
but then, instinctively returns me to anonymous status in the altered blog's "About Me":

28 Sept 2006

About Me

Name:Helen Langora

*I'd like readers to know that I'm writing this blog under a pseudonym. This seemed the prudent course in an election where one anti-initiative blogger has taken to publishing the home addresses (and satellite uplinks to imagery of those homes) of those whose political views he disagrees with.
I guess I don't understand why I've been demoted from Arch-demon to Anonymous any more than I understand why plugging a publicly filed 501(c)3's lawful address into a search engine and telling the interested audience to take a look on Google Maps is so ... horrific.

Many eight-year olds, and a large and growing portion of the internet audience know how to do this, as well. We have phones without wires now. If it's embarrassing to learn that "Citizens In Charge" lives in a residence in a new, upscale Washington DC suburb, then why is it registered there?

I mean, golly, most of the Foundations, and Howard Rich organizations have an office address somewhere, and there's nothing wrong with looking at where they are on Google Maps, either.

There's an old proverb about the wicked fleeing when nobody's pursuing. There's nothing illegal about looking at the address of a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4.

Whoever you people are, you have an EXTREME problem with anonymity. You seem to believe that as long as you can act behind the scenes and no one ever sees your face, that's OK.

I seem to recall that the thing that made the Constitution work was the integrity of those who were entrusted with public office. Integrity and honesty are about openness and having nothing to hide. They are not about anonymous and coordinated attacks, or about slithering millions more into the few states left that you've actually gotten ballot initiatives into.

That ain't democracy, kiddies.

But what the heck. This weekend, Mad King George will sign a document doing away with a thirteenth century common law right-- enshrined first in the Magna Carta and then in the Constitution -- called 'Habeas Corpus.'

So, if "Americans for Limited Government" thought it was making headway in its eponymous mission statement, I fear they're in for a rude awakening. The quick way to get behind the New World Order, of course, is for them just to add two little letters before the "Limited" in their title.

Those would be "Un."

Me, I'm packing for Gitmo.



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