17 October 2006

Diapers Remain A Growth Industry

Well, you've no doubt heard the news. I stayed up for it, and here's the screen capture of that blessed moment. www.census.gov

Needed: baby wipes

Here's some population data (dates are approx):
U.S. population hit 200 million in 1967

1790: The first U.S. census 4 million

1820: 10 million

1880: 50 million

1920: 100 million

1950: 150 million

1970: 200 million

1990: 250 million

2006: 300 million
That's a hundredfold increase in population from the Declaration of Independence.

If you were born in 1950, US population has just doubled. If you were born in 1920, US population has just tripled. If you were born in 1910, world population has more than tripled:

1.8 billion to 6.55 billion.

Better get used to changing diapers.



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