07 October 2006

Weekend Update #1

As predicted:

This is Howie Rich's right hand man, Paul Jacob. Eric O'Keefe of LEAD and Parents In Charge is on the board of "Citizens in Charge."

Well, here we go.

This is the political version of a 'denial of service' attack on your ISP's servers (e.g. "Mailbombing.")

Click here for the Oregonian story.

print version:
Oregon, 6 other states blanketed in records bid
FOIA - A group wants e-mail pertaining to property rights and spending limits, an effort that will cost time and money

Saturday, October 07, 2006
The Oregonian

Close to 500 cities, school districts and state agencies in Oregon, and thousands more in six other states, have been hit with public records requests for all e-mails pertaining to any communication regarding measures on term limits, property rights or limiting spending, an undertaking most local municipalities say will take months and thousands of dollars to complete.

A Virginia-based group, Citizens in Charge, is mounting what its Web site calls "a study of public resource abuse" under the name CitizenFOIA (FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act). Citizens in Charge is aiming its campaign, which also includes requests for Internet and e-mail use policies and their enforcement, at Oregon and other states where groups backed by Howard Rich, the head of Americans for Limited Government and U.S. Term Limits, pushed spending limits or property rights measures this year.

Citizens In Charge's president, Paul Jacob, says his group is nonpartisan. "Our goal is basically to find out to what degree public resources are being used for political campaigning and to make sure those resources are not abused," he said....
More as events progress.



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