07 October 2006

Weekend Update #2

The LAS VEGAS SUN has picked up the story from the AP wire:
... Altogether 484 state, county and city agencies in Oregon were blanketed with two separate requests by fax during the last week of September, Jacob said. Similar requests also have been sent to about 2,000 government bodies in Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska and Nevada, said Jacob.

Oregon state, city and school district officials said the mass-mailed requests would do exactly what Citizens in Charge says it is trying to prevent: eat up public resources.

"First question is, is this a real request or a scam?" said Gene Evans, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Education. "If it is real, it's certainly going to tie up our staff and computers for a while." Evans said he has never seen a request of this scope before.

But despite local governments' concern about the broadness of the records requests, Jacob said he "didn't think they would be too onerous" and that Citizens in Charge would pay for the records and staff time as needed.

He declined to say where the group's money comes from...
Where have we heard THAT refrain before. Hmmmm...

More as the story unfolds.



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