07 October 2006

Weekend Update #3

The mighty Jackson Hole (WY) Star-Tribune is on the story:
Big-government foes seek records

Associated Press writer Saturday, October 07, 2006

BOISE, Idaho -- With a month to go before the midterm elections, groups touting private property rights and limited government initiatives from Arizona to Idaho are putting the heat on.

They've targeted nearly 2,000 schools and local governments in six states with sweeping public records requests, hoping to learn whether taxpayer-funded resources such as computers are being used improperly to fight their political campaigns.

"I hope it has a deterrent effect, that people will wake up and say, 'This isn't right,' so that it will prevent actions that are against the law," said Paul Jacob, a limited-government advocate in Virginia who heads Citizens in Charge.

Some school and city officials call it a disruptive fishing expedition aimed at taxing scarce resources... The records requests have landed in Montana, Nebraska, Arizona and Michigan, as well as Idaho. In Nevada, agencies could receive a request this week, Jacob said ... After raising $330,000 from limited-government groups earlier this year to help qualify Proposition 2 for Idaho's Nov. 7 ballot, Boise activist Laird Maxwell said he wants to prove educators and government officials have been campaigning on the taxpayers' dime.
So where is the rest of the press?

Stay tuned.



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