07 October 2006

Weekend Update #5

I'm getting ahead of the curve. Here's an article from tomorrow's Arizona REPUBLIC, dated Sunday, October 8. And they don't even know about the breaking news yet. The editorial says, in part:
Prop. 207 is Trojan horse
Oct. 8, 2006 12:00 AM

A Trojan horse initiative has rolled into Arizona. Proposition 207 is tricked up to seem like a simple defense of property rights.

But look inside. It's really an assault on reasonable planning for a growing state.

Proposition 207 masquerades as protection for homeowners.


Like the famous horse, which the Greeks used against the people of Troy, Proposition 207 was brought here by outsiders.

Virtually every single dollar in the campaign comes from two libertarian groups, Americans for Limited Government and the Fund for Democracy, bankrolled by New York City real estate investor Howie Rich.

Rich and his organizations aren't aiming to improve Arizona's future. We're just one of eight states in which they financed ballot measures to spread their rigid ideology.

The Trojans opened the horse and were conquered. Arizonans can make a wiser choice on Nov. 7: Vote "No" on Proposition 207.
Yes. Howie's friends -- and ESPECIALLY Scott Tillman -- know about Trojan Horses. Perhaps that's what happened to the one Tillman was towing around Nebraska, Florida, et al, in 2005.

Oh, and by the by? The head of the campaign in Arizona is "consultant" Lori Klein*. Lori Klein married Laird Maxwell (Idaho's lead petitioner) July 29. Maxwell even traveled down to Arizona in the spring to help Klein get HER petition (HOPE) on the Arizona ballot. Then he went back home and got "This House is MY House" on the Idaho ballot.

[* The lead petitioners are listed as SPRINGER, CAROL and NORTON, JOHN R in the official Arizona documents online.]

Here's their wedding website: http://www.lairdandlori.com/

They met at a National Taxpayer's Union convention in 2005.

Lori Klein has the distinction of having made the only in-state Arizona contribution to the ballot measure during the petitioning process: $100 (2-23-06). Laird Maxwell has the same distinction in Idaho, contributing $50 on 3-15-06. Howie Rich supplied the other million dollars or so.

A unique couple in Western politics, one is compelled to note.

They're crabby. They're ideologues. And they threaten people: Modern day tax revolutionaries, say hello to the Libertarian Bonnie and Clyde. We wish all the happiness on the newlyweds that they would inflict on citizens whose states they seek to alter.

More as it happens.



Blogger Sophie Zankman said...

Proposition 207 helps protect the rights of homeowners & property owners. How doesn't it make sense to vote in favor of it? Vote yes for Proposition 207. Check this out: HopeForArizona.com

10/19/2006 03:31:00 PM  

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