15 November 2006

The Day Of The Ampersand

Boregasm (e.g.: what you're reading) is featured today on Crooks and Liars. This marks the third time they've so honored this little blog, and we offer our sincere thanks. Thanks, Mike!

(Of course, given the topic of our series over the last few months, the linking blog's title is a natural fit. Ah, synergy!)


And thanks for the link on 4&20 Blackbirds, the little Montana blog that could. You might recall that the proprieter, Jay Stevens, was featured on the PBS "NOW" show on bloggers in September:


4&20 Blackbirds may or may not have been a major force in electing Montana Democrat John Tester to the United States Senate, but Tester sure as hell won, didn't he? Thanks, Jay.

So, If you want to take the long way 'round to the post below this one, you can get there via Crooks & Liars or 4&20 Blackbirds. Today is the day of the ampersand (you know, the '&'), here in the sumptuous Boregasm literary salon.

Now, we'll change the subject to other, more congenial topics.



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