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Oct 04, 2003

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Final Fuck Fantasy
by Arlo Tolesco

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In 2001, video game sales eclipsed U.S. domestic box office movie receipts. This fundamental shift in the entertainment biz was not lost on Hollywood, which began pumping out movies (Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, etc.) targeted at the red-hot gamer's market.

Moyst is the first porn that utilizes a video-game-style plot and digital effects to do the same. It's not just a parody of Myst and other computer adventure games, but an honest attempt to cop the look and feel of the genre.

Moyst is the brainchild of Hart Williams. From 1977-1987, Williams was a prolific adult industry journalist and porno screenwriter. He left the industry in 1988 because, as he puts it, "mostly because I didn't want to watch everyone die of AIDS." For the last ten years he has turned to the mainstream press, writing for The Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The Oregonian, The Los Angeles Times and similar publications. He even got involved in politics, working as webmaster for the Democratic Party of Oregon, as state Democratic Public Relations Chair, and as a delegate to the 2000 Convention in LA.

We're happy to report that Williams has now broken ranks with the straight world and returned to adult with his directorial debut. Moyst was shot in 1997, when Williams got it in his head that he could utilize digital technology and his 80's blowbiz experience to make some high-quality, cheap porno flicks. 5+ years and a shitload of digital post-production work hence, Williams has turned his dream into reality.

Using technology that wasn't in existence at the outset of the project, Williams has transformed a standard porno shoot into a surreal video-game fantasy world. All the action takes place in a virtual, computer-generated universe. The star of the movie is Alpha, who Williams claims is the first entirely synthetic character in porn. Alpha is a high-resolution computer-generated 3D character with computer generated sound/dialogue as well. Check her out at the site.

Thankfully, this is one porn where high concept and computer wizardry never pretend to be the real reason we're watching. At its core, Moyst features five excellent, real-people fuck scenes. The digital effects work to enhance the sex, add beauty and otherworldliness, but by no means compensate for something that isn't there to begin with.

In terms of the sex, Williams claims that his decade away from the industry cleaned his palette and gave him a fresh angle what your average porn viewer wants -- "that is, clean, wholesome all-American sex," Williams touts in big, bold letters on his site.

The movie contains no spitting, no cursing, no anal, no lesbian, no condoms, no slapping, no group sex. Just straight up boy-girl sex scenes, imbued with passion and intensity. No-frills fucking. "If this is not to your liking, there are 5000 other filmmakers who will be glad to sell you any sexual variation that you'd care to name," Williams notes.

Moyst stars Randi Storm, Krisztina, Candy Hill, Emily, Ice, Austin Towers, Zenza Raggi, Red, George, Peir, Brian Surewood and Richard O'Steele.

Moyst is available for distribution at

If you've never planned and shot a porno yourself, check out Hart's Diary in the r.a.m.e discussion group archives. Williams is a great writer, and here he retells, in painstaking detail, all the little nit-picky bullshit that went into Moyst's two-day shoot in 1997. It's interesting, funny stuff.

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