chapbook is a pocket-sized booklet. The term chap-book was formalized by bibliophiles of the  19th century, as a variety of ephemera (disposable printed material), popular or folk literature. It includes many kinds of printed material such as pamphlets, political and religious tracts,  nursery rhymes, poetry, folk tales, children's literature and almanacs. Where there were illustrations, they would be popular prints. The term is derived from chapmen, chap coming from the Old English céap meaning "deal, barter, business", a variety of peddler, who circulated such literature as part of  their stock. The term is also in use for present-day publications, usually poetry, of up to about 40 pages, ranging from low-cost productions to expensive, finely produced editions. [Wikipedia] A chipbook is a digital chapbook. Epublished at e-last! THEY’RE HERE: A The Moosterious Stranger — A Trek into the  Savage Heart of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. We traveled to Sarah Palin’s stomping grounds, near  Bristol Bay, Alaska, and searched for the twin holy grails of Palin stalkers ... the Caribou Curtain, an infamous  fence the Palins put up to keep writer Joe McGinnis from seeing into their yard, and a souvenir Wasilla baseball  cap. Could we brave the tundra and wild moose to find  such rare and precious artifacts? By the chipbook and see! Photographs by Jayne Tannehill Illustrations by Hesperion Wug Nine of Hart’s — 9 Short Stories Nine tales of people, places and unicorns. Running the  gamut from realism to magic realism to fantasy, these  stories plumb the depths of the human heart, and  measure the span of the soul. From the silent tragedy of ‘And The Boys Became Men’ to the sequel to  ‘Casablanca’ — ‘As Time Goes By’ — and the tour de  force of ‘The Unicorn’s Tears,’ nine excursions into the  surprising, the astonishing and the always fascinating  worlds of Hart Williams. “I can see between the slats of your bushel, there  shines a very bright light, indeed.” ~ Theodore Sturgeon Ayn Nation Under God Like Dracula, Ayn Rand is reborn every several years as the "Virtue of Selfishness" goes up and down in  popularity. This year, she's back with a vengeance. If you are unfamiliar with Ayn Rand’s ideas, you will find  that unfamiliar territory here, with a partial map and a  guide. If you are familiar with her philososphy, you will  probably find some territory of which you were previously unfamiliar. An intellectual romp, with a heaping helping of humor,  written in an accessable, informative manner that's sure to please the casual reader or the scholar, ‘Ayn Nation  Under God’ is as fresh as today's headlines NOW ON SALE! (click) Illustration by  author Reality 101 — Political Self-Defense for Progressives Just what it says. Too many arguments and discussions  begin on Planet Earth and end somewhere out in Never- Never Land. Basic grounding about what ground actually is. Is this the antidote for Limbaughesque political fantasy? By the chipbook and see! Illustration by Hesperion Wug AYN NATION UNDER GOD - BOOK TRAILER
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