'mendacity: 1. untruthfulness 2. a lie; a falsehood'

The Great FOM Seal

Mendacity made flesh!



What a Tripp!

What a difference finking makes!

God what a pig I was!

Confession's good for the complexion, at least!


There is a FURTHER picture of Linda, now: she has tried to look "glamorous." 

Sadly for her, she is such a repellent figure to most people that she can only get booked on Lary King Live to try and dish whatever dirt she can come up with. The FOM salutes your "Hall of Fame" performance, Linda. 

Hall of Famer ...

Linda Tripp, Mistress of Mendacity


'In her first lengthy interview since the scandal began 13 months ago, Mrs. Tripp said she betrayed Ms. Lewinsky to save the young woman from being abused by the President of the United States.

"As a mom, especially with a daughter close in age to Monica, I would hope some other mom would do for my daughter what I did for Monica, despite the fact that it looks horrible, that it looks like betrayal," Mrs. Tripp said as she broke down in tears toward the end of a two-hour conversation here on Wednesday. [...]

Her interview with The New York Times was the first in a series of media appearances she has scheduled in an effort to rehabilitate her image. She will appear on NBC's "Today" show on Friday morning and on CNN's "Larry King Live" on Monday.'

NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 12, 1999

You think what you want to think, too, about Ms. Tripp, and I agree she is not going to be in the hall of fame of friends.

Rep. Lindsey Graham, CONGRESSIONAL RECORD 2-6-99
(Well, Linda, you sure made it into OURS!)

Bald-faced lying and rationalization at its finest! For the true connoisseur, who could hold a candle to Linda? Linda, the FOM SALUTES YOU!!

and, The Hall of Fame is proud to include ...




What a difference orthodontia, rhinoplasty, a complete makeover, the use of a Mercedes and a new wardrobe made for this unemployed former Arkansas state employee, who "just wanted to protect her privacy"!

Here I am before I was oppressed by the Prez

And here I am, helpless, my case tossed out of court!

December 2000 UPDATE: 
You'll be gratified to know that Paula now claims to have been "USED" by the Far Right to get Clinton. 



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Hall of Famer ...

Paula Jones, Women's Rights Heroine

Who would have belived that Paula Corbin Jones was a Civil Rights heroine? That her lawsuit against the President was motivated by her deep and abiding interest in Women's dignity and rights in the workplace?

From the Paula Jones Legal Fund website:

She had the nerve to fight the president of the United States all the way to the Supreme Court. And her nerve is all the more admirable for the modesty of her desires. All she wanted was a little recognition that even people like her have rights. Tight sweater and distinguishing characteristics aside, Clinton v. Jones is about egalitarianism. [...] Clinton thought that he was hitting on a woman, but he was hitting on an American.

-Michael Kelly, The New Republic, June 16, 1997

The update section is being temporarily suspended because of other pressing duties of those involved in the technical maintenance of this web-site.

Paula Jones is telling the truth and is determined to obtain justice against the most powerful person in the world, William Jefferson Clinton. The accused has the assistance of high-priced Washington lawyers, Washington spinners and a biased media.

Paula Jones has the support of average Americans, like yourself, and a legal team that is motivated by her quest for justice, not big bucks and media attention. It is not a right-wing conspiracy, it is simply one person's courage to defend herself against a most egregious abuse-of-power by the President of the United States. Paula is the victim, not the other way around.

(2-14-99: the case was settled, but the website still allows you to contribute $$$ congratulations, Paula! Who knows how many more $ you might take in! Mendacity AND rapacity!)

Rep. James Rogan, from the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 2-8-99:

Once again, it is a time for choosing. How will we respond? By impeaching the President, the U.S. House of Representatives made that choice. It went on record as saying that our body would not tolerate the most powerful man in the world trampling the constitutional rights of a lone woman, no matter how obscure or humble she might be.

Paula, the FOM SALUTES YOU!!



HALL OF FAME Special Award

An award of no mean consequence


Senate - February 11, 1999
[Page: S1437]

The Chaplain, Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, offered the following prayer:

Holy God, who allows beginnings and brings an end, a time for healing, a time to mend, we ask You to pour out Your palpable, unifying power on this Senate. Today, may the Senators count on You more than they count votes. This is a time neither for gloating over victory nor for grimness over losing, but rather a period for grief over all that has brought us to this day. We are one Nation under You; we repent as a Nation; we turn from conditional ethics and seek to return to the absolutes of Your Commandments.

Thank You, Lord, for the clarion convictions expressed during this trial by so many Senators of both parties that morals do matter and character does count. May this shared, common commitment unite them as they lead this Nation. Now, as their chaplain, I hold them all before Your grace and mercy; as their friend, I intercede for their spiritual strength and courage. When the final votes are taken, hold them together in the oneness America so desperately needs them to exemplify. Help them to model rectitude and reconciliation. By Your power, the winner will be neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, but the American people. In Your holy Name. Amen.

Gott mit uns! God is on OUR side! Nice to bash those simpering relativist Democrats with our ABSOLUTE knowledge of Truth when they can't reply! No mendacity involved, of course, but Padre, the F.O.M. SALUTES YOU!!

hall of fame continues!

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posted 2-14-99