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Saturday, March 12, 2005

This blog is one year old. Maybe not today, but close to today.

And, being the sentimental sort of fellow I am, I am having a great blowout celebration.

OK. Celebration's over.

Bruce Anderson was probably as much responsible for the failure of AVA OREGON! as anyone else. He came into passive/aggressive Oregon severely underfunded, and all the rest, but he would not accept a single bit of offered help.

Case in point: Talking to him at the library one Thursday afternoon, he thought it would be a good idea if I did a compendium of under-reported or unreported stories. I went home, slaved and produced TWO pieces that week. The second piece never came out. The first excuse was that there "was no room." Then, they just sort of let it slide. Here is that piece. Let's see how timely it still is. From 1/20:

News That You Probably Won't See

The Corporate control of media is by now a well-established fact. Nonetheless, the major feature of the 2004 Campaign may well be that the monolithic media drove people away from newspapers, radio and television to internet collection of news. Here are some of the current stories that aren"t being reported elsewhere.

Wild Horses and Burros to be slaughtered -- http://proliberty.com/observer/20041211.htm Estimated 28,000 wild horses to be executed by Bush. Senator Conrad Burns (R-Montana) slipped the amendment into an obscure appropriations bill, defending the provision as "The amendment focuses on the proper management of horses and burros on public land."

According to writer Greg Szymanski: "Under the amendment, older horses, burros and those younger horses deemed not able to be adopted will be sold at auction then killed. The law overrides the longstanding 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which offered protection against this type of wholesale slaughter.

"It clears the way for horses to be slaughtered at one of three United States equine slaughterhouses, two located in Texas. American horse meat is then sold to France, Italy, Belgium and Japan, where it is viewed as a delicacy.

"Celia Bodington, a spokesman for the BLM, said the agency did not actively support the hidden legislation, but will support its ramifications if passed into law."

Putative Attorney General Gonzales Commits to fighting pornography http://www.avn.com/index.php?Primary_Navigation=Articles&Action=View_Article&Content_ID=212531 "Mr. Torture" says he commits to fighting "addictive" pornography.

According to writer Mark Kernes, "Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Oh.) asked the candidate what he"d like to be remembered for, four years from now?

Gonzales replied, in part, "I think obscenity is something else that very much concerns me. I've got two young sons, and it really bothers me about how easy it is to have access to pornography."

That statement led to a later exchange that was as revealing about the plans of committee member Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) as about Gonzales" views on sexually explicit material.

Senator Brownback urged Gonzales to investigate the hypothesis presented before his Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space that pornography was an addictive commodity, suggesting that perhaps the DOJ could prosecute
porn on those grounds.

Brownback: "that's the issue on obscenity laws and the enforcement of that. I held a hearing last session of Congress on the issue of these -- not obscenity laws, but on addictions to pornography. And there was an amazing set of experts that came forward, talking about the addictiveness of pornography.

"It"s grown much more potent, much more addictive, much more pervasive, much more impactful. (sic) You cited teenage children you have and that I have, and in our private conversation. There"s been criticism of the Department of Justice for not enforcing obscenity laws, work on these issues on community standards. I would hope that this would be something that you would take a look at, maybe make some personnel shifts within the Department of Justice, to address this from the law standards, on community standards, look at the addictiveness in the nature of it.

"There are certain, obviously, guarantees of First Amendment rights, but there are also these laws that have been upheld by community standards, upheld by the Supreme Court, that can be, and I really think should be, enforced, given the nature of this very potent -- what one expert called it, delivery system, of -- in this country. And I hope you can look at that," Brownback said.

Gonzales replied, "I will commit to that. I will look at that, Senator."

Kulongosky Proposes Massive "Homeland Security" for Oregon. (from the legislative website): House Bill 2101

Ordered printed by the Speaker pursuant to House Rule 12.00A (5). Presession filed (at the request of Governor Theodore R. Kulongoski for Office of the Governor) Creates Oregon Homeland Security Department. Abolishes Office of Emergency Management and transfers functions to Oregon Homeland Security Department. Abolishes Interagency Hazard Communication Council. Transfers office of State Fire Marshal from Department of State Police to Oregon Homeland Security Department. Transfers certain offices and divisions from Department of State Police to Oregon Homeland Security Department. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

[Note: this bill is 130 screens long! Who knows what is contained within it?] But where's the front page coverage, this being an "emergency," after all? At least, according to the Governor.


Well, Brownback scheduled another hearing on porn, stacked with his hand-picked witnesses and then cancelled at the last minute when the industry demanded that their witnesses be allowed to speak. Now, he's re-scheduled the hearing. No word on whether any voices will be allowed other than those that HE wants to hear. You heard it here, LAST.
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
or, The Ides of March Came Early

Better to write this now, before the facts of the witch-burning get in the way. After all, letting facts get in the way of one's reportage is surely the best way to professional oblivion in these dark, satanic days. Please let the accused finish his cigarette and then bind his hands.

Place the blindfold over our eyes. It doesn't matter what the condemned sees.

Maestro: drum roll, if you please ....

Dan Rather has been attacked publicly and scandalously three times that I know of. First, on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, when Daley's thugs manhandled him in full view of America. I was watching it happen live, then.

The Democrats lost that election, due, in no small portion, to the outrageous goose-stepping of Daley's police.

Then, a lunatic attacked Rather on the streets of New York in 1994. He kept screaming "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" as he pummeled the CBS newsman. Finally, he was subdued. REM wrote a hell of a rock single from that title, but Dan seemed to be vaguely bewildered by it.

[Correction: the lunatic actually screamed "Kenneth, what's the frequency?" Whether he was a member of the extended Hinckley family is not known.]

The third attack was the least physical and the bloodiest of the bunch. The Karl Rove gestapo managed to seize on one document -- that was never truly discredited -- and led the collaborationist media to publicly tar and feather Rather for a report that was 99 and 44/100s absolutely dead-sure, spot-on correct: that Daddy Bush had used his influence to get sonny boy out of Vietnam, into the Texas Air Guard, and that sonny boy, far from showing gratitude that his miserable, worthless hide had been saved (jumping ahead of literally hundreds of other applicants) instead proceeded to a miserable, abysmal, inglorious gold-bricking stint in the Texas Air Guard -- a "charge to keep" that saw him grounded, refusing to take a drug test, transferred to Alabama to NOT work on a campaign (but to drink an AWFUL lot), to trash his rented apartment, stiff the landlord for the bill, and finish by never showing up for duty with the Massachusetts Air Guard.

Never held to account for a single, wretched crime, this miserable deserter managed to lie and weasel his miscreant way into the White House.

But, even though the document in question was never proven to be false (and all the allegations IN it were proven true), Rather was held to a persnickity standard and publicly executed -- along with his line producers -- for failing to be perfect.

By the minions of the deserter, one might add.

And so tonight is Dan's last hurrah. The deserter is in the White House, the national media is beginning to realize that if they could crucify Dan Rather, what chance has any ANY reporter? And the execution will proceed, as scheduled, at 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time ("tape" delayed for a more timely West Coast auto da fe).

Only Greg Palast (he who cannot even WORK in the USA) has noted the horrific nature of this abomination; this crime against truth, against journalism, and against a good and decent man. (National and World media have been uniformly pimping the lie that CBS broadcast a "discredited" report using "forged" documents: Australia, South Africa, etc. etc.)

Even old Walter Cronkite has been snarking Dan, which astonishes me. I'd given Uncle Walter more credit for that, but then again, you never know what sorts of back stage pressures they brought to bear on the old man. Yes, Walter has a personal grudge against Rather, but you'd think he could rise above his petty personality issues and address the larger picture: the intimidation of the media, the McCarthyesque reign of rhetorical terror and the craven enabling of our quislings of the Fourth Estate.

This is wrong. This is satanic.

And if you can't see that; if you don't weep for our country and for what this foretells, well, I can only feel sorry for you.

But not as sorry as I feel for Dan Rather.

And I feel less sorry for Rather than I feel sorry for everything that I have believed in as a writer. Still, I come not to praise Dan Rather, but, rather, to bury Rather.

Bush and Rove say that he was too ambitious, and they are, some would allege, honorable men.

Ah, but Bush and Rove are HONORABLE men. As are they all, honorable men.

Et tu, Walter?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thanks, ****.

For some reason, I just can't abide the damned ASLEEPNESS that's taken the country by storm.

We're torturing people.

We're kidnapping people and sending them to places like Uzbekistan (where they have enjoyed boiling people since the fucking time of Alexander the Great, fer Chrissakes!)

We're holding people on a secret Marine base in an armed camp in a hostile country so they can't get access to US Courts -- Guantanimo Bay, Cuba.

And what's on the NOOZ? Michael Jackson. Robert Blake. Martha Stewart. And Paris Hilton.

Fuck this shit.


Monday, March 07, 2005
(and other mysteries of History)

It's becoming clear now, a bright line drawn through history that seems obvious in retrospect, but which I never saw while it was happening.

Sure: I saw some of it. The following appeared in the January 1995 issue of the Santa Fe Sun (p. 16) in part:

Civilization -- that is, those codes of public conduct (and private hypocrisy, for that matter) which we share with our forebears, England, Rome, Athenian Greece, etc. -- is under a merciless and unrelenting attack. and those attacking are armed with FAX machines, satellite uplinks, cable television, simultaneous radio syndication on "robot" AM and FM stations, 800 numbers, cellular phones, computerized mailing lists, and even the Internet and the WorldWideWeb.

The barbarians are at the gate; the heretics' court is about to be called into session. To listen to talk radio is to listen to America, and what is out there isn't very nice.


The dogs of war do not return meekly to their kennels. When discourse and reason cease, violence cannot be far behind. That is history's lesson.


We of America hated the Russians for fifty years. Then, the Russians were gone: no more Communists left to hate. We have no one left to hate now, none to vent our self-righteousness, our "freedom" and "American Dream" on but ourselves.

But hatred is a very difficult habit to break, and hating (for over fifty years) becomes a kind of need. And, lately, one hears 'liberal' spoken in the same tones, with the same hateful inflections once reserved for pinkos, commies and subversives (whoever they finally turned out to be).


The barbarians are not waiting politely for us to answer the doorbell. And it is not their homes that will burn.

Click here to read the whole article.

I don't know if it will be civil war, anymore, or merely the endless morass of attempting to impose Pax Americana on an unwilling world. I do know that the Bushies are falling victim to the Law of Unintended Consequences: Of their attempts to "Let Freedom Ring" in the Middle East, Afghanistan stands as the vague success (although the Taliban and the Warlords are patiently biding their time, as they have for 6,000 years). In Iraq, it seems increasingly apparent that the eventual "democracy" will be a Shi'ite-dominated religious government. Scratch one secular Middle Eastern State.

And in Lebanon, with the withdrawal of Syria, it seems apparent that the new state will be heavily influenced by Hezbollah. Scratch another secular state. Syria is next on the Bush hit list, and Iran, which WAS moving in a secular direction has been stymied by the inadvertent nationalistic/religious fervor whipped up by the Bushies.

And, while you won't see it much on CNN, the Saudi government has to be seen as increasingly destabilized by the radical Wahabists (of which, one recalls, Osama bin Laden was a chief exponent.)

Nominally, the Saudi royal family's little monarchy is secular to a degree that it won't be if the Wahabists have their way.

Let's see: one sort of success while destabilizing or destroying secular and/or democratic breezes in four other nations in the region. No wonder Osama endorsed Bush in the last election (by negation, of course. All he had to do was "criticize" Bush and cite "Fahrenheit 911" to ensure a Bush victory: it worked.)

So, what is the line?

George HW Bush. The chair of the RNC under Nixon. The fellow Nixon left in China. CIA director under Ford. That scion of East Coast privilege who was (as the former publisher of the LA Free Press told me in 1979) put forward by the Intelligence Community's well-funded PACs as a "Presidential" candidate, and traded his connections for a spot on the Reagan ticket.

Look at what we've had since Nixon: an appointed president (Ford), the last Democratic president with a majority (Carter); an out-of-control spokesmodel (Reagan, whose administration is conspicuous for its contempt of law at all levels, and who provided the blueprint for committing impeachable offenses with alacrity); our first president without a geographical base, but with a Beltway one (Bush the Elder); a president never allowed to serve (Clinton); and finally a two-time usurper (Bush the Younger).

If you recognize that Bill Casey and George HW Bush DID, in fact, negotiate with the Ayatollah to make CERTAIN the hostages weren't released until AFTER the election (treason: negotiating as private citizens with a foreign government), then you realize that the only president of the last 30 years with any real "legitimacy" turns out to be Jimmy Carter in 1976.

And the line always seems to run through George HW Bush.

Funny: on the night that Reagan was nearly assassinated by John W. Hinckley, his son, Neil Bush was scheduled to have dinner with Hinckley's BROTHER in Denver. The Hinckley family and the Bush family go way back.

So, ask yourself this: Who would have been president, had Hinckley been a slightly better shot? And who ended up president, ANYway?

Draw your own conclusions. But the fact is, whether Reagan died or not, in a strange way that was the day that the Bush family took over Washington, D.C. And they haven't relinquished their death grip on it since.

All right: There's that other line to it. Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, and brought Hollywood-style photo-op media manipulation to the White House. Nixon had recognized that his media ham-handedness cost him the 1960 election, and kind of did a better job in 1968 and 1972. But he made the mistake of declaring open war on the media.

This bunch, starting with Reagan, declared stealth war on the media. And it's paid off in spades. First it "teflonized" Reagan, and then Bush. Then it castrated Clinton.

Now the national media lies on its back, prostrate before dominant mammal Bush, who -- as a good Alpha mammal -- sports his erection to indicate dominance. Woof woof, they whimper, "Don't hurt us."

(Wouldn't Nixon have been proud to watch the White House go after Dan Rather and bring him down like a lion takes down a wildebeast? Wouldn't that have warmed the alleged cockles of his alleged heart?)

Fine: I warned you this was coming ten years and three months ago. No one listened. I warned, after the 2000 election, that if we didn't do something about "hate radio" we'd lost the 2004 election. (on my "Stop Hate Radio" website).

No one listened. And here we are. The echo of jackboots fills the empty streets of a bankrupted country.

Now, I cannot see a way back to democracy. We will see an Emperor in my lifetime (if ever I live that long). And perhaps we already do.

But I'm not playing. I warned you, and nobody bothered listening. So it's YOUR funeral, not mine. I'm going to learn to be a good Republican; to hate gays and pregnant teenagers. I'm going to be a smug moral bastard and cheat as much on my taxes and my employees and my wife as I possibly can. I'm going to speak in code terms about you Jews, Negroes, Mexicans and Asians. I won't openly hate you, but my kids won't go to school with yours.

I'm going to cut my hair. I'll quit being controversial, and stop writing those awful letters to the papers defending freedom of speech and democratic principles.

That way, when they drag your ass off to the Re-education Camps, they might just overlook me. And if they do, I know what I'll be doing, as your screams fade and the siren dopplers off down the street.

I'll be inside your house, ripping off your home theater system.

I've earned it, I think.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Well, local and national, the imbeciles of the Right, like rust, never sleep.

Let's start with the national (and locals, hang on, there's a bit of a scoop downbelow):

I was astonished when I read this article from EDITOR & PUBLISHER, the "news" magazine of the news industry (an excerpt):

Is George Will's $250,000 Prize Yet More Payola?
By Dave Astor
Published: February 25, 2005 1:15 PM ET

NEW YORK When the conservative Bradley Foundation awarded a $250,000 prize to George Will last week, it raised some eyebrows at a time when Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, and Michael McManus have been criticized for accepting government money.

The foundation is a private entity, but it is reported to have ties to the Bush administration, and its president/CEO is a former Republican National Committee member.

The prize "sure has a strong stench of a payoff to yet another White House sycophant," said "Non Sequitur" cartoonist Wiley Miller, whose Universal Press Syndicate comic appears in 700-plus newspapers and includes political commentary. "Is this how they're going to get around direct payoffs, by pretending it's some sort of journalism award?"

But Suzette Standring, president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, feels differently. "To me, financial awards, however large, bestowed for excellent writing are not a form of payola," she said. "It's a mind-bender to believe George Will would otherwise write liberally had a left-leaning $250,000 prize been dangled in front of him. A conservative foundation recognizes and awards conservative writing -- what's the surprise?"

Both Will and Bradley Foundation President/CEO Michael Grebe did not return E&P phone calls asking for comment. [...]
Is E&P out of their tiny little minds? Calling the Bradley Foundation "conservative" is like calling the Ayatollah Khomeni a "traditionalist."

I had researched the Bradley Foundation for the late AVA OREGON! in a January article. Here's part of what I wrote (click HERE for the full article) :

"And another major funder, The Bradley Foundation ('Name a conservative idea -- whether it's school vouchers, faith-based initiatives or the premise that there's a worldwide clash of civilizations -- and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is apt to have its fingerprints on it, ' wrote reporter MARK O'KEEFE of the Newhouse News Service; the Foundation is also noted for funding 'the Project for a New American Century' -- and for their strong ties to the Bush Administration) gave CSPC $13,173,000 over the same period.

"[It's interesting to note Scaife and Bradley also gave, during the same period, an aggregate of $75,465,077 to the uber-conservative poster-group, the Heritage Foundation.]"
Sorry to quote myself, by the by. BUT ... I hadn't scratched the surface. The Bradley Foundation is single-mindedly set on funding the Right Wing Coup, and spent MORE money than the infamous Richard Mellon Scaife to advance the far Right agenda, including funding the infamous PNAC, that even more infamously set out the agenda for our current invasion of Iraq back during the waning days of the last century, and chillingly noted that their agenda couldn't be advanced without "another Pearl Harbor."

Fortuituously, one appeared. Ain't that grand?

HELL YES it's payola?

But the question is: WHY is E&P covering up for George Will?

And note that the "media" has utterly ignored this little news item. They've covered this up in the same way that they refuse to cover the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert male prostitute posing as White House reporter scandal. Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy ... and coming from these self-styled "values" bastards. Something may smell rotten in the state of Denmark, but the stench is simply overpowering in the good ol' USA.

To put this in perspective, the Pulitzer Prize brings an award of $10,000. $250,000 is COMPLETELY out of line with journalism and writing awards.

Just like getting an additional $10,000 dollars from your ATM is a little something more than a "bonus" for trying to withdraw a $20.

Closer to home, I received hate mail this evening from some anonymous right wing asshole:

Your new radio host, Nancy Stapp, is a first class nazi feminist trouble maker.........
Get ready for the "gay-in-your-face" routine..........
She won't last.......

To which I cheerfully responded:

I don't have anything to do with KOPT.

But thanks for the hate mail.

Does your mommy know that you're sneaking in and playing with her computer?
This, of course, enraged the moron, and he replied:

Read it again.......
It's not hate mail.....
'Twas meant to be informative....
I'm a current/former collegue of hers........

Google KOPT, and your e-mail address pops up......
No one else's does......

You have a real attitude.......
Go get laid.....
The world will look brighter to you afterwards.......

To which I cheerfully replied:

I'm not the one who runs around getting my facts wrong and calling people Nazis.

If you want polite responses, start by being polite yourself.

Oh, and I probably get laid a LOT more than you do.

I doubt I'll hear from him again, this "IRS" fellow: rsars@pacbell.net

But it's interesting. I did a little checking on Nancy. According to the official bio page at Napa, California's KVON radio: 'After getting her start at KTAO in Taos, New Mexico, Nancy has been on the airwaves for over 18 years. 'My first love is talk radio. ...' "

Evidently, she was brought up a couple of years ago to replace longtime KVON host and program manager Barry Martin who was fired by a new company who'd taken over the station and was busily purging the old local yokels. This is not unusual in these horrific radio days.

Stapp currently runs "the KVON 1440am 'Breakfast with Nancy' show" in Napa. I had been wondering what the hell happened to the much-touted "new" KOPT local morning show that was set to debut on February 28th, but then NOTHING. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Well, there you have it. I profess to know nothing about Stapp, except that as a graduate of Santa Fe High School, I have to question her judgment in choosing to live in Taos (heh heh), but if she is, in fact, the new host on KOPT, and does a great job, or does a lousy job, you'll hear about it here. Either way.

Now, let me respond to IRS:

Calling someone a Nazi is not "informational" (unless, of course, they are). It is 'hate speech' which makes it "hate mail."

The fact that I am the sole Google hit for KOPT says more about Arlie Co./Churchill Communications lack of internet presence than about any connection I might have. It does say that Google correctly catalogued my "Thanksgiving" column, "What's For Dinner?" which I'm inestimably proud of, and which you should read immediately: HERE.

My coverage of the KOPT station's startup was -- if "IRS" would have bothered reading before shooting his mouth off -- neutral. In fact, old John Musemici wrote me about it, evidently nettled that I had categorized him (in his misreading) as a "Morlock."

What the hell is it with these people? I put my stuff up, and explain it. But they are so busily Googling for their names or whatever that they don't bother reading before reacting.

Which brings us back to the Right Wing idiots.

George Will: You've been bribed. There is no defense. Take your rationalizations and your "high morals" and Go fuck yourself.

IRS: You might not like your former co-worker. You might even have good reasons for so doing. But back-door anonymous attacks only paint YOU as the Nazi.

Go get laid. It might mellow YOUR attitude.

And what's with the ................'s Mr. "IRS"? Ellipses are three (...) or four (... .) if they indicate the end of a sentence within the quoted material. Talk about having your period!


Actually, a final thought occurs to me" Mr. IRS might well be suffering from a syndrome I've recently discovered and catalogued. It occurs when you fall asleep in the middle of a little hate-fest or attack against someone. Mr. IRS is clearly heavily leaning on the "period" key .................. at the end of his sentences, which suggests that he's suffering from "snarkolepsy."

I'm currently in the midst of organizing the telethon, and getting trademark status for our Foundation, but in the meantime, Give ... GIVE as generously as you can.

Snarkolepsy CAN be cured in our lifetimes.

God bless you.
hart williams
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