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"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing."
-- Edmund Burke


Hart for House District 8 (campaign is over)

DPLC Leadership attacks Hart!
from MAY 1 through AUGUST 1, 2004

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  • AUGUST 1 - Still no word from State Chair on appeal of "resignation." Having been politely silent on these matters for three months, HART posts the history on this site for concerned Democrats. This is still America isn't it? Isn't it??

  • JULY 31 - New OUTSPOKEN contains original minutes language from May,  offensive language from June, and insulting July "correction." With written language right in front of her, Secretary STILL gets it wrong. This was not the language that was approved by over 100 Democrats at July meeting!

  • JULY 15 - Over 100 Democrats at DPLC Central Committee Meeting agree to accept written language that Hart has brought to meeting and reads,  clearly stating that Hart never protested the smear letter, that he was, in fact thrown off the podium after being asked to come UP to the podium to speak. Language in proposed correction is neutral.

  • JULY 14 (Bastille Day) - Including nearly 20 pages of documentation, and an exhaustive review of the whole sorry mess, Hart submits a formal appeal to State Chair Jim Edmunson, asking that he overturn the "resignation that never was." No letter of acknowledgement is ever received. Rules Chair, cc'ed, ceases to correspond with Hart.

  • JULY 8 - Executive Meeting, Secretary produces copy of her minutes and asks for permission to tape meetings since her minutes are so "controversial." She learns that meetings are ALREADY taped. Exec Committee then pretends that nothing has happened and plays "nice."

  • JUNE 17 - Minutes in OUTSPOKEN are amended to correct "outburst" and "thrown out" accusations. Incompetent or malevolent DPLC Secretary only amends minutes to read that Hart was thrown off of podium. "Outburst" and "protest" references remain in July OUTSPOKEN  DPLC Minutes.  HART is no longer listed as DPLC House District 8 Vice Chair. (HD8 Chair is now assistant editor. Mysteriously, OUTSPOKEN Editor resigns, but agrees to remain through November Issue, which constitutes a NON-resignation resignation -- in contradistinction to HART's resignation that was accepted without ever being tendered! 

  • JUNE 17 - DPLC Central Committee spends three hours on resolutions commending OUTSPOKEN Editor for publishing smear, and setting up "HUAC" Committee to investigate "un-Democratic" actions by Executive Committee Members (first passes) NEITHER Resolution was approved by Executive Committee, but leadership allows them (in violation of Roberts' Rules) to be introduced ANYWAY! New DPLC  PCP Notices that Resolutions Chair is staring at Hart for entire reading of his resolution! She walks out of meeting, as do over 70 other DPLC Members, including Kitty Piercy. Platform and Resolutions Chair distributes letter from himself to OUTSPOKEN Editor accusing Hart of libel, a crime. P&R Chair was author of smear letter!

  • JUNE 10 - DPLC Executive Committee narrowly defeats resolution to censure Hart for his blog entry of Mother's Day. (click to see blog) Spends entire meeting on anti-Hart resolutions, and adjourns after three hours, only HALFWAY through printed agenda.

  • JUNE 7 - Rules Chair John Cuff  makes outrageous ruling that Hart has resigned (without any appeal from Hart) based on rules and principles to be found nowhere in the bylaws, state law or Roberts Rules of Order. Ignoring the clear precedents of all three, he rules first as DPLC Rules Chair and then as STATE Rules Chair that the non-resignation resignation applies, including his own testimony that he heard Hart say he was resigning at a point he could not possibly have HEARD IT! Oddly, Hart receives ruling AFTER June 8 Chair's ruling letter!

  • JUNE 8 - Chair Pat Riggs-Henson informs Hart that he has been "resigned" as HD8 Vice Chair, even though there is NO LETTER OF RESIGNATION and that he can only appeal to the State Chair. Chair tells Hart not to write her back because she will delete his email without reading it.

  • JUNE 1 - OUTRAGEOUS and LIBELOUS minutes appear in OUTSPOKEN accusing Hart of throwing tantrum about smear letter and being thrown out of May 20 DPLC Meeting - Neither accusation is remotely true, just like smear letter accusations!

  • MAY 11 -- THE SMEAR OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED by Vice Chair, who tells Hart not to respond, because his email will be deleted without being read!

  • MAY 9 OUTSPOKEN RECEIVED Democratic Party Leadership allows paid Holvey operatives to put out "SMEAR PIECE" on Hart Williams in May NEWSLETTER going to Lane County Democratic officials and donors!!!!!!!!!

  • MAY 1 - Smear letter is already typeset by  OUTSPOKEN Editor for inclusion, prior to Primary of accusations against Hart that cannot be refuted prior to the election. Both accusations are patently false.

Dear Friend:

I originally got into this campaign because of the shenanigans of those in power within the Democratic Party to manipulate the House District 8 seat as a "prize" given to the Unions (of which I'm a member) without regard for the the voters of my district. The voters didn't seem to care. Machine politics ruled the day. 

BUT ...

A large part of that has been because they don't know the untold story of the Lane Machine -- a story that even I didn't know, as a party insider for most of the past decade -- but which revealed itself during the course of the campaign. The tripod holding this unholy brew stands on three legs:

  • There is a "party within a party" a SECRET party: The "in" crowd, who pass House and Senate seats back and forth between themselves with little regard for the voters

  • The money laundering of funds that flow freely between "in" crowd, PACs and special interest groups.

  • The Seattle consultant who is turning the Willamette Valley into his own personal political franchise  (and his relentlessly negative campaigning, as witnessed by the "hit" on Al King in 2002, and the astonishingly ugly Seattle city council campaign of 2003).

So, though the campaign is over, the battle is just beginning. We believe that you deserve a democracy, and we're pretty sure that what's going on ISN'T one. So this page will continue. 

Welcome to "Democracy for Lane County."

-- Hart Williams


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Dear Friend:


To all who contributed, in so many ways to our campaign, a deep and "hart" - felt 


 -- Hart Williams


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