NOTE: This proved EERILY prophetic, written a week before its publication on August 8, 2003, or 1,247 days before Saddam Hussein's ACTUAL hanging by men in ski masks on December 30, 2006.*

 [* Julian Day 731,793 minus Julian Day 733,040 equals 1,247 Days.]

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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag

August 8, 2003

War was just a necktie party

Steve Williams' defense of the lynching of Saddam Hussein (letters, Aug. 1) mirrors the near-universal screech of the "rule of law" crowd these days. "Saddam was bad - ergo the ends justify the means." Nothing could be further from the "rule of law."

Remember, we were the ones who spent much of the 20th century trying to legitimize international law. We were the party who spent nearly a year attempting to obtain legitimate authority to engage Saddam Hussein (to "disarm" him, not to depose him!). And we, us, the good ol' U.S.A., were the party who tried to hide behind a phony "coalition of the willing" to legitimize an action that cannot be characterized honestly as anything other than a lynching.

Lynchings are illegal, no matter how bad a guy the lynchee is. This diabolical spin that being against the war equals being in favor of Saddam Hussein would be laughable, were it not so forcibly advanced by the same hypocrites who wailed, squawked and pounded their chests for the "rule of law" when their case was, at best, a technicality, and their motives were demonstrably the opposite of the Simon-pure righteousness they so endlessly and loudly espoused - and still espouse.

We began by attempting to murder Saddam in cold blood in an undeclared war, and we conclude by playing "wanted: dead-or-alive" sweeps. But, really, it was a necktie party and remains a vigilante's approach to law.

Again, we see that the so-called "rule of law" only applies to non-Republicans. Impeach Bush.