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Joe has his own homepage:

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It began to strike us that many people  might be looking for "Joe" on the internet, but would have NO IDEA where to look.

God knows, We understand what it's like. So, in the service of facilitating communication, we've put up this page to explain what happened to Joe Claussen, Joseph Claussen, Joe Clausson, Joe Clauson, Joe Clausen, Joseph Clausen, and, the worst misspelling I ever saw, at the 1974 Baylor Invitational debate tourney, "Joe Clanesson" ... you know, THAT guy.

Perhaps you noticed how rarely the name was ever spelled correctly.

Joe has his own homepage:

The person handling all of the late J. Claussen's affairs is
Hart Williams. No middle initial. He is also the executor of Joe Claussen's
literary and physical estate. You can find him at


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Joe's father was Dwayne Nolan Claussen, 
dead and buried in Kearney, Nebraska. 
Dwayne's  mother Rachel is dead and is 
buried in Lucas, Kansas.

This, the "Garden of Eden" was her neighbor across the street since
she moved to town in the 1950s. It is considered some sort of American
Primitive surrealist landmark, built by S.P. Dinsmoor, a veteran of the
American Civil War, a Mason, and buried in that pyramid out back.

Made almost entirely of concrete.
The Garden of Eden

Dwayne Claussen completed his engineering career as County Superintendant
of Roads for Franklin County, Kansas. He died in June of 1990 in
Ottawa of a heart attack. This is the building he was working out of:

In the National Register of Historic Buildings
Franklin County [Kansas] Courthouse

We are informed  that the day of his funeral, the flags flew at half-mast
and all County offices were closed for a half day so that people
might attend the funeral.

Joe's funeral was a small affair, by contrast, sparsely attended.