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  starhart.gif (5675 bytes)From 1989 through 1996, I wrote for the Kansas City Star. It might have been because I was stuck in my parents' basement, working night shift at a steel mill to scrape up enough money to restart my life. Or it might have been that I wanted to scare the ghost of Hemingway. All I know is, I was with the Star a helluva lot longer than he was! heh heh. (And now you understand why that button resides on the sidebar. Back when I started liking Hemingway's short stories, it was very un-PC to like Hemingway. He was too macho, and therefore, a male chauvinist pig not worthy of perusal by the effete 'Sixties types who now demand school uniforms and metal detectors for THEIR kids. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, however.

During my reviewing time, two of the books I reviewed won National Book Awards, John Casey's Spartina (not here yet), and Ernest Gaines' A Lesson Before Dying (at this site). I thought both books crapped out after promising starts. I stand by my reviews. And who knows? They may well have been the best books of their respective years. The reason that I fight so bitterly against "post-modernism" is that it and its editorial adherents have all but successfully DESTROYED American Letters in the last quarter of the XXth Century.

HW, 9/1/99

William S. Hart
(no relation)

William S. Hart (no relation)
The greatest movie Cowboy ever to come out of Massachusetts

He was a writer, too. Wrote happy historical novels, often illustrated by his good friend James Montgomery Flagg (of fame as the illustrator of the famous "I want YOU" Uncle Sam recruiting poster).

Click on old "Wild Bill" for a quick detour to the Hemingway brag site at the KC Star.

Hart's ranch is a Los Angeles County park with a webpage and all, but they changed the address and I don't feel like updating the link.

None of which has anything to do with the Kansas City Star - a great American newspaper.

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