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I have maintained my silence on this project, pending Al Gore's victory or defeat in the last election. Now that the concession speech is over, it's time to ...



In the election of 2000, I began to notice that while we were lucky to get 30 seconds of sound-bite on the evening news, and perhaps a few minutes of commercial time, HATE RADIO had between 9 and 12 HOURS every day, Monday through Friday (not to mention weekends) to sneer, vilify, snigger and negate our candidates.  

We have turned the other cheek while the other side has engaged in full-scale indoctrination and brainwashing, and progressive causes have suffered as a result. 

It is not enough to merely come up with talk show hosts of our own. We must raise the level of the national debate, and we must cleanse the airwaves of these "Talk Show Savants" who never lose an argument (because they control the microphone) who never run out of meaningful "facts" to buttress specious arguments, and who heap ridicule and calumny upon our ideals and beliefs without ever being called on it.


I believe passionately in the First Amendment, but I also believe in our RIGHT NOT TO SUPPORT the purveyors of hatred. 

In the next two weeks, I will be posting a simple program of targeted boycotts that WE CAN USE TO WIN THE BATTLE OF THE AIRWAVES. The pilot program is about to begin, and we CAN make a difference in a very short period of time.

This program is totally legal, based on a long tradition of citizen activism, and affirms everyone's right to free speech, expression and political discourse. It also kicks the Ollie Norths, the Michael Reagans, the Michael Medveds, and, of course, the Rush Limbaughs off the air.

Enough Hate-speak. Hate destroys. Hate kills. Hate corrodes. Hate Radio has got to go. Do you hear me, Rush?

You will soon.


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last updated 16 December 2000

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