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Well what did you expect?



"And, hast though slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

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Several pieces of reportage and columns NOT related
to book criticism in no particular order. Most
derive from my colunm in THIS WEEK WITH TEETH (R.I.P.)

the article explains the funny latin word The 2000 Democratic Convention 
(by "Ed Waldo")
  As the ONLY delegate/IMC Reporter, I covered the convention for the LA Free Press.
She's DEAD, man! The American Century
  A virtual reprint from my blog. By request.
click me, baby! Rama: Lama Dead And Gone 
  Also See Rama: Lama? Ding-Dong?
My Rama piece was picked up by the Washington Post, among others. Then, Doc Lenz was found at the bottom of a bay on Long Island. Wearing a dog collar.
She's DEAD, man!

What Happened to Lisa McPherson?

  What did Scientology™ do to Lisa McPherson? We scooped NPR, The NY TIMES, and NEWSWEEK. This was my last column for the Santa Fe SUN (1991-1997) Me, not them. They're out of business. Again.
click to go! No Vast Right Wing Conspiracies Here!
  As we are all aware, Ms. Clinton was utterly full of crap. Or was she?
hubba hubba! Political Reform$
  I don't remember what this was about. Hmmm.
the article explains the funny latin word A Writ of Mandamus
  What Sheriffs do when they don't feel they have enough appropriations
click me, baby! Have We At Last No Decency?
  The Impeachment mess from someone who watched the proceedings.
yes, we have no mananas Boogie Nights
  A review you NEVER saw in the newspaper
youbetcha! Connectedness  Part 1
  The "Self Reliant" utter "Individualist" exposed as a fraud
that tickles! Connectedness  Part 2
  Why Anarchy doesn't work.
click me, baby! Connectedness  Part 3
  The imperative for individual rights NONETHELESS!
the article explains the funny latin word REEFER MADNESS
  Referring to Oregon's Legislatural  Marijuana Witch Hunt in Salem

The vorpal blade went snicker snack!

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