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Santa Fe National Virtual Monument

its ... its: Virtual Santa Fe! All New for 2002

What does it all mean? (Nothing, now go back to sleep and let it be.)

Santa Fe is located just up and to the left of Texas.


Probably just another marketing plan devised by some slick Marketeer from Colorado or Texas. If you haven't bought your SKI CONDO yet, then read on! You're our kind of surfer!


Oh, and remember to buy a Georgia O'Keeffe t-shirt while you're here!
(When I was in high school, I used to sack her groceries on her
infrequent visits into town. My autograph may be obtained via e-Bay.)

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

A Mission Statement, Or, Why This isn't 
EXACTLY about the "real" Santa Fe.


0. New Mexico Magazine's "One of Our 50 Is Missing"

(Note: Many people don't realize that New Mexico is a state. In fact, SO many don't realize it, that this is a regular feature of New Mexico Magazine. It is funny. It is also a bit sad. It changes every month, which is more than I can say for THIS website. As we say in Santa Fe: "Maņana doesn't mean 'tomorrow.' Maņana means 'not today.'")

1. Greg Pleshaw's history of the Sun

(Note: The paper has since been purchased from James by Sean and Betty Townshend, who are NOT anything like Mr. Tomarelli. But, we include it here, because we want you to have a feeling for the history of the Sun. When I was in high school, Skip Whitson's first incarnation was that of an UNDERGROUND newspaper, complete with Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers cartoons and discussions of sex, drugs and rock& roll. Thank god we've all put those behind us, eh?)

The Sun may be dead again. Who knows? Greg's fine, though, and living in the Bay Area. Stephen Powell reports: ""What happened to the Santa Fe Sun?" For many years the Sun had the most comprehensive coverage of Santa Fe's alternative health scene. Shortly after changing owners, it's racks disappeared along with it's office, phone number, and web site. (Spring 1999) "  

2. Visit the Santa Fe Plaza WEBCAM!

3. Check out  the NM Film Commission page!

This has been updated beautifully, with a special page on Movies shot in New Mexico. (F'r instance, did 'ja know that the 1955 Jimmy Stewart film "The Man From Laramie" was shot near Santa Fe?)

4. Hook up the OXEN! It's the Interactive Santa Fe Trail!

You, too, can pretend to be interested in the history of the Old West when it's really Walter Brennan flicks that you are expert on. :)

5. My old Santa Fe High School Senior Class President moved to Albuquerque

High School follows you wherever you go. Nuevo Mexico, we love you. She used to be on TV in Burbank when I lived in Glendale, too!

6. There! Now, you can virtually WALK Santa Fe ...

Since you can't actually AFFORD to walk it, this virtual walk makes the experience available to the NON-G.W. Bush Fat Cat contributor.  We's been Aspenized. Well, thank God we don't live in Missoula! Note that santafe is now a *registered* trademark. Golly. Who'd a thunk?

7. The Mega-Awesome New Mexico Links Page ...

Another Santa Fe Girl gone whacked out and post-'Sixties, but what an amazing home page, and great linx! I don't know her, but I love the way her mind works! The definitive New Mexico links pages. (And nice animations, too)

From some cartoon show ...

another tough day in the Santa Fe Real Estate biz

hopi project


The vorpal blade went snicker snack!

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