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This book is a handbook for  detecting Conservative lies and  propaganda—and a primer on the  eminently practical question "What  is real?" Following that, it shows  HOW unreality is slithered into our  model of the world, to create the  false facts that are epidemic in  politics today.   And, very often, it is very funny.  With an introduction by ...   
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Hart Williams was onto the story of  the increasing influence of the  Randians long before the rise of the   “Tea Party” and the hostile takeover  of the GOP. In a series of essays  beginning in 2005, he exposes the  racist roots and anti-human presum- ptions of the move-ment, as well as  the specious philosophical under-  =pinnings of the movement, taking  the arguments seriously and demo-  lishing them rationally, instead of  merely snarking ad hominems. A  very NEEDED book. In 2013, Sen.  Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor  and proved this tome’s prescience  and urgency. Now, with Rand Paul,  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio running  for president, you owe it to yourself  to understand the philosophy that  inspires them.
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Tracking the wild Palin to her home  turf, we discovered realities about  Alaska and the Koch Gang that  have not, to our knowledge, been  uncovered. Originally appeared as  the “North To Alaska” series in  2010. Emended and expanded.
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