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Leading America into a
New Century with the

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The "Party of Lincolnn"
does it again, as

Repubblicans meet for
our Leadership '99
conference in
Lynchburg, Virginia!

 Capitol March 1999!

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 Can there be any doubt that uniforms promote good citizenship, integrity, esprit de corps, and a just respect for the Rule of Law?

This photo is from our recent "unveiling" of the F.O.M.'s new uniforms. To promote the idea of uniforms in the schools, we thought we'd show the nation how sharp they look, and what a sense of patriotism and pride that uniforms engender.

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Praying for a better tomorrow for America!

I hope you can attend one of our FOM Leadership Seminars. It's too late for you to attend the REALLY GROOVY one, of course, but that was just for bigwigs! Hah hah! Rest Assured that there is a place in the Festival of Mendacity for YOU!

Your "Unimpeachable" Pal,
Bob Barr

P.S. That's me below on the "far right" with three of my best friends. Sign up for a "Leadership" retreat today!

- BB

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Leadership '99 Participants [l. to r.] Bennett, Gingrich, North and Barr listen as Newt discusses the "virtues" of our new look with four of America's foremost Patriots, who we kiddingly refer to as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." One thing's for sure, the Democrats, and other enemies of the New Freedom sure look uneasy when they see us in our "snappy" new togs! 

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Wasn't it Barry Goldwater who said: "Mendacity in defense of Liberty is no vice"? If it wasn't, it sure ought to have been. Then again, Barry just wasn't mendacious enough by a far length. 
Forget that I brought him up.


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