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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Jackbooting With Gay Abandon

There is no unifying theme today, unless it is 'evil.' Too much madness to even attempt witty segues or an overarching leitmotif:

Bush went ahead and named Sam "Swiftboat" Fox to be ambassador to Belgium, ANYway, using the excuse that since congress is out of town for Easter (which he criticized, then got on his helicopter and motored away for HIS Easter vacation), he could make Fox a recess appointment. John Kerry had, you will recall, killed the nomination in the Senate.

Bush names Fox to Belgium post despite criticism

Does ANYbody get that Bush uses the Constitution for toilet paper? It's like a cry for help: "Impeach me! Someone PLEASE impeach me!"

Naturally, the pigs of Washington thought that this arrogance was FUNNY. Wonkette sniggers, labeling John Kerry "a born loser," since Bush was able to "defeat" Kerry again. Gee, Wonkette, I wonder how funny it will be when the jackboots kick in your door? "Constitution? We don' need no steeenkin' Constitution!"

And, Randi Rhodes points out that when Bush was pulling his "I'm going to veto the supplemental troop funding bill because it (gasp!) contains pork!" (etc. etc.) speech, DICK CHENEY was lurking in the bushes. No. Seriously. CSPAN caught it on film.

Lurking Cheney

And, while we 'debate' this misbegotten war, you might like to take a short reality check and take a look at the latest American victims of the ghoulish odometer that this "war" has become. (When is anybody going to challenge the meme that we're "losing the war," etc.? It's not a war. It's an OCCUPATION, dammit!)

View the latest "coalition" war dead. (Sorry, the Iraqis aren't worthy of any site, evidently. No inherent racism here.)

Speaking of AirAmerica, WHAT GOES ON!?!?! I went looking for the Cheney video on Randi Rhodes' site, which is parked, and so I went to AirAmerica, and SAW THIS (captured at 7:19 PM PDT)!!!

Click here.

Gee, no wonder he isn't the GOP front runner. Truly weird.

But hey, Tommy Thompson has a PLAN for ending the war! And he announced it today, as he announced his long shot presidential campaign in Wisconsin and again in Iowa.

He's for having the Iraqis "vote" whether we should be there. And for adding a flat tax to the income tax. And he's just gaga about school vouchers. But the funniest moment in his speech was when -- after he waxed nostalgic about his one day of vacation each year as a child, when his parents would take the family to the Wisconsin State Fair and then a Milwaukee Brewers game every year, I kid you not -- when he noted the Republican Party's genesis in Ripon, Wisconsin, and rhapsodized:

"These core beliefs have endured for more than 150 years as we continue to be the Party of Lincoln, the Party of Teddy Roosevelt and the Party of Reagan."

Well, at least he's got a devilish sense of humor. As near as I can tell, the latter spent his time in office attempting to undo everything the former two had accomplished. An oxymoronic candidacy for a party that lost the "oxy" a long time ago.

Full text of Thompson's candidacy announcement (which you probably won't see anywhere else).

And what the hell is it with "American Idol"? I HATE karaoke, and have been immune to the moronic TeeVee display of technique over music that's so popular these daze.

But ALL I hear as "News" is who's been voted off, etc.

This is news? Are we really that mindlessly vapid and sterile? A (dumbass) TV show is NOT news. Got it? GOT IT?

And, I DON'T watch, leave me the hell alone!

Finally, I sent yesterday's blog ("Head 'Em Off At The Dumbass") to Kari Chisolm at BlueOregon, because I thought he might find its take on Oregon politics interesting (even as he appeared, this morning, on my local AirAmerica affiliate, KOPT, as a "pundit" on All Things Oregon).

A reply came back saying I didn't have to bother emailing it to him, because he'd put this little blog up on "Leftie Blogs" (per, to be fair, my request of last week). I take it, therefore, that he didn't actually read it. Too bad.

And, Leftie Blogs Bogs: it never showed up.



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