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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Real Race Issue

A third day of screaming, pooh-poohing, crying, crocodile tears and generalized madness.

Greetings. You have reached New York's Media. All lines are busy. Please try your call again later.

So, meantime, I had a chance to check out a high school senior that some friends of mine in Georgia are very high on. He is graduating, and is up for all sorts of honors, and got himself a military acadamy appointment. Well, since there was really nothing to do— except stuff one's ears with cotton—I checked out the web pages they were touting.

A "Christian" school. A Methodist school. Founded in 1963. They wear school uniforms. They eat, breathe, sleep and crap Jesus. They sign Jesus pledges to play sports. They win state championships. They are renting the ESPN Sports Zone for after the senior prom, because it's "Owned by Disney," and chartering buses, because Georgia state law makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to drive from 12AM to 6AM.

Unlimited pitchers of "soda." Arcade games. Karaoke.

(In other words, they're taking the prom kids to Chuck E. Cheese.)

And for a mere $1900, you can go on the "Mission" to the Amazon in Brazil this summer. He's signed up. He raised $52 in the "mission" bake sale, according to the school blog. A very "resort" ish school, I might add. Right now, it has 603 alumni. When his class graduates, it will rise to over 700.

And there are only four black faces in all the photos I saw. A black girls' basketball center, a black female clarinetist, and a black running back. There is one black teacher, a woman.

And I remember that schools in the South are more segregated now than they were at the time of "Brown v. Board of Education" in 1954.

And I think of how important it is that everyone is screaming about Don Imus' "nappy headed 'ho's" and that we all keep quiet -- as I politely will have to, to spare the delicate sensibilities of my Southern Friends -- about why their "special boy" has spent his entire school career in a segregated Christian school in the South, and how the agenda of "school choice" is being pushed to further institutionalize this crypto-racism.

Absolutely. Let's all scream about Don Imus and Michael Richards.

Hell, I doubt that, choked in a pile of steaming Jesus, they even notice that the school was founded a mere 8 years after Brown v. Board of Education.

Or ever question WHY.