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Friday, April 6, 2007

The Return of the Radio Blog

For the first time since I provided state-by-state accounts of how the Howie Rich measures were doing on Election Night 2006 (as they lost 34 of 35), this morning I was back on KOPT, our local AirAmerica "progressive" talk radio affiliate.

As heard on KOPT-AM 1600 in Eugene ("Oregon's Progressive Talk") this morning at 6:38. I call 'em 'political cartoons for the ears.' They are somewhere between Stan Freiberg and Frank Zappa. (No quality comparison intended.) Today's mashup is taken from the Byrds and from Dubya's Saturday radio speech. It clocks in at almost exactly one megabyte and 2:06 duration, in FM-quality stereo.

Today's Radio Mash
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