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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Note on 'White House for Sale" Below

Note: It was gratifying to hear Thom Hartmann interviewing Kristina Wilfore of BISC this morning at the 'Take Back America" conference for his AirAmerica show. The subject of Howie Rich came up again and again. "Howie Rich" had entered the political vocabulary, along with Oregon operative Bill Sizemore, and Nevada (formerly Oregon) zillionaire Loran Parks, who often funds Sizemore.

It was good to know that this stuff is common knowledge, at least on some level. Oregon was characterized in a fractured version of "canary in a coal mine." (Have you noticed, lately, how many clichés are repeated, but fractured, as in "toad the line"? They are difficult to quote verbatim, since they, as clichés, are filled in by the mind familiar with the original cliché.)

BISC and I go back to last summer, when they put up their Howie Rich Exposed Website. which still says:

Hart Williams' narrative of deception on Howie Rich is one of the best investigative pieces available. Check out Unlimited Terms of Endearment XIX: Breaking News and this post about Howie Rich's entry to the New York Times and this post about how the media has ignored this story for some recent developments.
I don't actually know them, but, like the PBS show, it came purely from the merit of my blogging on Howie.

(A funny story: The Thom Hartmann Show's producer called me breathlessly about the story in the [election] fall of 2006, but evidently felt that the story only had "legs" in one 24-hour news cycle. I couldn't get back to them on short notice in the early morning, so I never heard from them again. I still have the phone message.)

It is good to know that in some small portion, the investigation of last summer was -- as I thought at the time -- important in terms of understanding the hijacking of our political process by big money.

which is what brings us to ...


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