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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mercury Stationery

Something on which to write your Mercury notes, or, as is better known, ofttimes FTD letterhead.

What I WANTED to write about was a little thing called "mercury stationary," which is what's happening right now.

Mercury has been retrograde, which means, literally, from Earth's perspective, Mercury was moving "backwards" in the sky. Easy to explain when you know you live in a heliocentric solar system (redundant, I know, but it works), circling a black hole at the center of our galaxy in the local group, which seems, like everything else, to be speeding spherically away from some long-ago central event ( possibly a "Big Bang" lasting considerably less than Seven Daze, and longer ago than 6,000 years.)

Now, I find astrology interesting because I understand how it works.

Most astrologers don't. Worse, most of their critics have an even worse understanding, so I will help you over the roadblock.

In one word, 'causality.'

The question is, "How can the stars make me do things?" (That's crazy) or, crazier still, "How does what I do move the stars?" (Equally crazy, but for some reason no one ever argues with this proposition, other than snorting and making faces.)

The point of all the 'mantic' arts is contained in that old magical dictum: As above, so below.

In other words, things behave according to the same principles at all levels. It's an old formulation, and not a very precise one, but you immediately can perceive that it DOESN'T revolve around what CAUSES what. That's called a "non-causal" relationship.

I prefer: "The Universe is holographic."

In a hologram, all parts are contained in the whole, and vice versa. Cut up a big hologram and you don't get pieces. You get smaller, complete holograms. In kabbalism this concept was partially contained in "Adam Kadmon," and in Christianity, the "Corpus Christi" the idea that in a more than metaphorical sense, in some real sense, the individual members of the church formed, as a gestalt, the collective forming the "body of Christ" which is what "Corpus Christi" means, when it's not busy being a town in Texas, about a hundred miles due East of Laredo.

In other words, the Universe is a reflection of whatever it is that I am, and I am a reflection of it, whatever it is that It is.

That's somewhere East of science but definitely West of religion.

Beyond that, it is the first science, an empirical science, and if, like Ptolemy's epicycles, gives the best predictive results, it's worth a look.

Now, astrologically, a retrograde Mercury is a bad time for communications, business deals, treaties, etcetera. It seems to screw up the 'communicative' function, and misunderstandings, systems crashes, and dumb pronouncements like "the Vice President isn't a part of the Executive Branch" are the norm.

This is based on observation, and, yes, subjective observation (Subjectivity is a topic best left for another time).

But, many swear by the prudence of being very careful about doing computer maintenance (all my major systems crashes have happened during Mercury retrogrades), engaging in delicate negotiations (the current Teamsters' strike here in town happened during this retrograde, that started on June 15th); comedians' timing is particularly affected by these retrogrades, and debates seem to misfire, can't quite gel, get to the point, etc. etc. etc.

You'll have to observe it or not. I can't read for you, and I can't determine whether you might find it a useful survival tool, or Quality of life-enhancement tool.

There is nothing illogical or irrational about noticing that there is an 'invisible' weather, and paying attention until you notice that there are some days when EVERYBODY is happy, and others when everybody is having "one of those days," and that would indicate that your subjective emotional state isn't ENTIRELY your own, private, discrete universe. You ain't an island.

So, if astrology is the Astral Weather Report, and it works as often as the "real" Weather Forecast, then it's at least as useful. Que sera sera.

But I wanted you to understand all of that because today, as Mercury concludes its retrograde (it actually moves forward Monday, July 9th, beginning at 10:15 pm EDT — 7:15 pm PDT) it appears to "stand still" in the sky. That's because our orbit has exactly synchronized with its orbit, and even though both planets are moving, we seem to be motionless with regard to each other.

It isn't "scientific" of course, ellipses, Kepler's law, etc. but it is our perceived reality, which is, after all, what reality actually is (sorry philosophy majors).

Here's a date that you might remember, election day, 2000, Mercury was stationary after a retrograde that had begun about three weeks earlier. You might remember the bizarre confusion that reigned on that day, and in the weeks that followed. All under the signature of that Mercury retrograde.

All right. If today feels kind of befuddled like that election day of 2000, that's a possible reason. But then, if you weren't watching, you probably wouldn't have noticed.

OK. Take it as merely a working hypothesis to observe. Here's some Mercury Retrograde fun facts for the next month or so:

The retrograde ends on Monday the 9th

Mercury Retrograde:

Began June 15, 2007

  • 7:40 pm EDT
  • 3:40 pm PDT

Beginning degree
11°35" Cancer

Ends July 9, 2007

  • 10:15 pm EDT
  • 7:15 pm PDT

Ending degree
02°28" Cancer

There’s a nice “map” here.

Bush’s commutation of Libby took place at

Sun: 10 degrees Cancer.
Mercury: 5 degrees Cancer

Mercury will move back over those positions on

Mercury: Tuesday or Wednesday July 17 or 18

Sun: Monday, July 23.

Oh, and the “toxic” Mercury will go back over Bush’s natal Sun on Thursday or Friday, July 26th or 27th. That should be the one most affecting Bush, if this new agey garbledygook is to be given the credence of, say, Politico dot com’s predictions of an Edwards suspending his campaign.

And, finally, Mercury will catch UP with the Sun on August 16th. That ought to be an interesting day.

Now, if there is anything to all this, it ought to be interesting to see what happens. Certainly more ennobling, say, than listening to the speculative ravings of a Wolf Blitzer, a Tucker Carlson or a Chris Matthews.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if Mercury actually WAS a god or demigodlike entity, and got mad at FTD ( for turning him into a flower-delivering freak)?

Thought not. Neither do I.

OK: actually, I do.

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UPDATE:, 2:48PM PDT: Added lots of really fun links. In the middle, Firefox crashed, taking all the links with it -- an object lesson in Mercury retrograde, one supposes, but one isn't going to go through all that again. Que sera sera (the one link of dozens that I WILL resurrect).


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