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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hart Williams Exposed

Well to most people the name would not ring any bell at all. He does however publish a blog called Boregasm. Yet to most newspaper reporters in Oregon, Steve Law in particular, Hart has become the driving force behind the entire conspiracy ridden "Howie Rich" stories.

Of course now that I am publishing this story it means that I have been in touch with the mother ship and probably plotting the removal of another planet in our solar system... I am a bad, BAD man.

You see all these newspaper stories regarding the folks at Americans for Limited Government are not the work of good reporters. Instead it seems that the reporters have simply been regurgitating the work of a fellow named Hart Williams. His story has been covered wonderfully here at the "citizen activist" blog (The one downfall is that this blog's author happens to write pretty long postings..

I have read this guy's work off and on for a few month's now and found it so radically conspiratorial that it made my hair hurt. Almost to the point of not knowing where to start when trying to untangle the creative web (credit where credit is due, he is a "creative" person). Fortunately the Citizen Activist has done a pretty good job at uncovering just who this person is. Knowing the person behind the conspiracy theory is quite helpful, albeit, scary.

Because I could not find a way to trackback from Citizen Activist, I will repost the Citizen Activist story here. Most interesting is the end where he cries out to people to STOP SURVEILLING him. NOTE: I have not had time to check all the links to see if they work. If you are still really curious and they DON'T work then go to CA and try them from there.

WARNING: the following material contains content that may be offensive to some individuals. If you find issues of pornography particularly offensive as well as bad language you may not want to read any further.
As I noted earlier, last Friday's PBS/NOW video on this year's crop of tax-limiting, property-rights-defending initiatives credits Hart Williams and his blog Boregasm with figuring out that these initiatives all get some (or much) of their funding from a common source. As they describe it:

This week's show was inspired by a compelling blog series written by Hart Williams. Williams' research revealed some extraordinary truths about efforts to take the "local" out of local ballot initiatives and create them from afar.

Williams has written for a number of publications including The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and The Oregonian.

What you'll find at Boregasm is a very, very, very long series of articles where Hart reveals what he has learned about Howie Rich and a number of other people via Google.

Much of the excitement and energy driving Hart was his belief that Americans for Limited Government was conscientously striving to keep all this a secret. As a result, after ALG hosted an obviously long-planned August conference where many of the state and national activists showed up and spoke openly about the state initiatives and what they were doing, the idea that it was all supposed to be a secret became less plausible.

The series itself gives off a bit of a cyberstalkery vibe. One of the things he does repeatedly is Google a particular activist until he finds their home address and then includes both their home address and a link to satellite imagery of that personal residence.

I've spent some time reading about Hart Williams, or at least what is available to know about him from the internet.

I started out doing this research with the uncharitable impulse of wondering what it would be like for Hart to be treated the way he treats others. I ended up finding him to be a terribly sad figure. He reminds me of the occasional political activist one meets who is extremely, extremely bright, capable of tremendous passion and engagement with politics, who longs for connection with others, and who has a hard time finding that connection.

Hart has made a living over the years writing pornography:

Back in the Silver Age (mid eighties), I wrote 32-produced screenplays and a bunch more that were bought and never produced. I watched patiently as filmmaker after filmmaker turned my pretty little scripts into sh-t.
In 1997, he produced his own adult movie, Moyst, which had additional production work in 2001 and which he started to market in 2003. (Here's an internet posting where he gives away a free download of some audio from the movie in an attempt to promote it.)

"Moyst" was given a very lukewarm review in 2003 by AVN (Adult Video News), in which reviewer Mark Kernes says that

It's not clear exactly what the objective of Moyst is. If it's to turn on the viewer, it's only marginally successful.
Only guessing, but that observation must be close to the kiss of death for movies in this genre.

Hart has said that making the movie

..was intellectually the most difficult thing I've ever done.
Luke Ford, the well-known chronicler of the adult movie industry, posted these segments from an interview with Hart:
Hart Williams fell into writing for sex magazines in the late '70s. "It was not so much that I wanted to be in it, as that I didn't mind doing it. I began writing audio-cassettes (we called it XXX radio) and wrote about 50 at 15-30 pages each.
Hart's experiences in the porn world seem to have been somewhat difficult on a personal level.
Porn star Brandy Alexandre was attacked by him, and responded:
Your statements that I am despised, repugnant are completely and totally false. [Ex-porn journalist] Hart Williams wrote stuff like that because he was angry that I dared point out that he's not the porn guru he liked people to believe.
Hart attended the 1998 World Porn Conference in order to market "Moyst" (he entered that year's cut in a contest at the conference) and also wrote a diary about what attending the conference was like. It appears to have been a personally painful experience, partly because of how he feels about the female actresses and how they did or did not treat him.
More [of the news report] when I recuperate -- and no, I AVOIDED the "Night of the Stars." I don't have $100 to spare, don't feel like scamming a press pass, and have no interest in paying to see people clothed that I used to be paid to see UNclothed.
The negative attitude toward his colleagues continues:

I found very rapidly that the porn people -- some of whom I have known nearly 20 years -- are still the same arrogant, power-trippy jerks they always were. The whole minuet of who greets whom, and how much acknow- ledgement to bestow is always finely calculated based on one's current level of Power in the Biz, and with whom one has been "seen" and myriad other qualifying factors.Wisely, as it turns out, I have been keeping a low profile in my role as producer/director, preferring to let the film speak for itself.And my "friends" of long ago evidently found me wanting in the correct Caste Systems.

But the thing that always sickened me about Hollywood (and, to be fair, New York and Washington, D.C.) is that insane lust of the hairless killer monkeys to "status" and pecking order. I am a western boy, and where I come from, we don't cotton to people putting on airs, least of all f*ck film performers.


As we've gone over thoroughly, most can't really act, and are not necessarily role-models in the Fine Art of Copulation.

That's gotta hurt. The actresses come in for the most criticism:
By the final day, I was certain that my bullshit meter is going to have to go into the shop for recalibration. Why, to hear the "actors" [In quotes so as not to offend actual actors] they're all Clara Bartons bringing healing solace to a desperately ill society. One actress actually had the temerity to suggest that they were public health workers of a sort.

I don't know if the sexologists lapped this line of horse doogie up with gusto, but the porn stars sure as hell did. They went from trying to convince people that they were human beings on Thursday to being the Second Coming by Sunday. Now, some of it not their fault. Being fawned and drooled over like some fine Cartier watch DOES tend to give one a swelled head, but this was beyond all proportion.

The actresses didn't spend any time with him:

I walked out thinking: "Geez, you've hobnobbed and had a swell time with the President of the ACLU, and some of the finest First Amendment Lawyers in the
country. You've swapped stories, gossip and old times with your fellow print journalists. You've had a great time with internet buddies, with directors and
producers and crew (few though they were, sadly), so why did your old friends the 'actors' make you feel like a leper?"
And he lets them have it:
One group of newer actresses sat multiply on chairs, on the stage or on each other, rather than sully their stardom with actual manual labor. "Sunset Boulevard" all over again. A star exists to be served, never to serve. And so the day began with some asshole swiping my camera. It really isn't worth stealing -- the photos were worth more than the camera, but realizing that I was at a porn convocation, I had little hope that it would be turned in: looting on sets is so de rigeur that I'm sure some starlet considered the camera her due.
Hart's complicated attitudes toward women, those in the porn industry and those not in it, come through in other comments as well.
Here he attributes a very unattractive mercenary character to his first wife:

I ended up at Hustler, which ended my first marriage. She didn't mind the $200
each script brought, but Hustler was too much…"

He shares more of his opinions about the female actresses he worked with here:
The average starlet was a high school dropout [like Sindee Coxx, Brandy Alexandre], or just barely made it. An inordinate number drove Chevrolets. The industry learned to pander to their fantasies by making them into "stars" for awards shows and conventions.
Porn star Linda Lovelace famously left the porn industry and wrote several books attacking it. Hart made up a term about that:
Lovelace became an archetype for what writer Hart Williams calls "Linda Syndrome" - porn stars who seek acceptance from "overground" society by disavowing their porn past. Hart also labels it "Conversion Syndrome" or "Paul
On The Road To Damascus." Sufferers from Linda Syndrome include Angel Kelly and Samantha Fox.
He was also quite annoyed or provoked by a young female delegate to the 2000 Democratic Party nominating convention which he attended as a delegate from Oregon and wrote about under a pseudonym. He writes:
And so, on Thursday Night, with everyone approaching exhaustion, with the final speech underway, and the Important Monkeys of our Hairless Killer Ape delegation having noted our reconquest of the front row, and having plopped their pompous asses into said seats -- the better to be seen in TeeVee for (one, our token "youth" -- a rural boob stage-managed by her grasping mother, is neatly french-braided with red- white-and-blue pompoms in her hair -- don't laugh, Oprah had a crew doing a story on her for a day. She may be an airhead, but she is a TOKEN, and tokenism counts for a lot at this convention.)
From Hart's point-of-view, many things are conspiracies. Spies, conspiracies and connecting the dots figure in much of how he experiences the world.

In 2004, Hart ran for state assembly in Oregon, losing in the Democratic primary with less than 10% of the vote. During this race, he got into a hideously involved contre temps with his local Democratic party which resulted in his getting kicked out of the county party organization. He details all of this on his website. His exposure of the Democratic Party of Lane County, Oregon uses many of the same words and concepts that Hart brings to his writings about Howie Rich and Americans for Limited Government: shenanigans, secretive power structure, claims about illegal dealings and so on and so forth.

Hart feels that he was the object of a porn sting operation run by the federal government, as he describes here:

I have a fairly sophisticated program for tracking website hits, and what I've just seen didn't make any sense until I remembered that I've posted here and on ACME that I think a lot of the "Kiddie Porn" paranoia is a smokescreen for a more insidious attack on civil liberties. (And it ain't the tracking program you THINK it is) Somebody from the Government has been searching my website for: search="xxx free" "free pics" "porn free" "teens" "hard core" "head" "blow" @rec.arts.movies.erotica&child love @rec.arts.movies.erotica&hart williams search="child porn"

And hits from several .gov servers. etcetera. You get the picture.

Now, I note a BIIIIG bust of a kiddie porn network made the news today, with 46 arrests in several countries. The interesting fact that caught my attention was that, while the investigation took place in ten or more states, only three arrests were made in the US.

But let me state for the record, in case there's ANY QUESTION about it: I find the sort of mind that likes kiddie porn to be sick. I find the concept of child pornography repulsive. I would turn in ANYone I suspected of dabbling in it in a New York minute, and have called the FBI Internet Task Force in San Francisco about just such material in the past -- as their records ought to show. Got that? Is that clear? Is that explicit enough Big Brother? Now, STOP SURVEILLING ME!



Becky said...

Ted, this is the most pathetic thing you've ever written, and that's saying something.

8:36 AM  
ed waldo[Zug note: Hart Williams] said...

I've never hidden my past. And I haven't done anything that should cause me to be ashamed of my actions IN that past. Neener neener poo poo.

Are you sure you're not 'Helen Langora'? I note that she has no profile, and seems to be yet another pseudonym. (That and the blog suddenly appeared on September 18, when it became obvious to the Rich forces that the blogosphere was pushing this story and had to be responded to -- in traditional stealth style).

Strange that this "outing" party is fueled and fired by persons who insist on keeping their own identities secret. You'd almost think THEY had something to hide. Hmmm.

Then again, they are upset with me for 'outing' the anonymity of Howie Rich and friends, which is what this whole smokescreen is attempting to divert attention from.


But here's some "outing" stuff: "I Am Coyote" is Ted Piccolo, who was caught by Willamette Week in 2004 pulling these same sorts of stunts, along with his co-petitioner on Howie Rich & Co's Oregon "Term Limits" petition drive, Paul Farago (a USTL founding board member in 1992.) For his 'service' to the 'cause' Piccolo shared the sobriquet "Rogue of the Week" with Paul Farago, who this year hid behind relocated (2002) Washingtonian Ted Berthelote until the petition was on the ballot and only THEN revealed himself as the spokesman for the Term Limits campaign.

Fortunately, that's not pornography, so I guess it must be OK.

But, as long as we're quoting movie reviews:

  • Rec.arts.movies.erotics archive

  • MOYST, written and directed by Hart Williams


  • Something Different In Porn?:

    It's rare indeed that porn can boast of doing something truly unique. I mean with 12,000 releases a year for about the last ten years you'd think it has all been done.


    Somehow I don't think this was ever intended to be stroke material though. This movie is extremely hard to classify, but that's actually a part of the storyline. Part video game, part reality and part hallucinogenic drug experience.

    And maybe that's where this movie works best. I kept envisioning it being played over and over on the screens that they usually have at the techno clubs, the modern day version of visual devices like the lava lamps of the seventies.

    You can watch this with your girlfriend with no fear of her being offended; you could even watch it in a room full of guys without getting uncomfortable I suspect.

    To deny the amazing amount of effort that went into producing this would be doing it an injustice. If you are looking for stroke material you you might want to pass this one up. If you want to see something creative and truly unique, give it a look. Most of the directors in porn could learn something about constructing a storyline from this movie.


  • Cheers.

  • Hart Williams

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