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Articles, Essays and Links to Literature


      PRESS RELEASE, Portland  Anti-Hate Radio Coalition


    Article in the Portland OREGONIAN 4-24-02


    Op-Ed Piece in the Portland OREGONIAN
    "Reining In Rants" Article in the Eugene WEEKLY (scroll down)
    "The Cost of Hate" Letter in Eugene WEEKLY
    Article in the Eugene Register-Guard


 This is the article Savage threatened a defamation suit over on 5/1/02
    San Jose Mercury article on Savage making fun of JFK Jr. Death
    Archive of Savage's Articles at NewsMax.com
  Michael Savage/Weiner at TalkRadioNetwork.com (syndicator)
  The Savage Glossary (he lists his terms)
  Savage's Endless Self-Contradictions
  The Enemy Within - Savage calls for liberals to boycott 
"vile speeches of the kind we read on my program"
     Why Hollywood Liberals Like Dictators, Gangsters, Perverts and Other Sick  People -- a sample of Savage's moderate, reasonable views.
    Hate Radio Makes Comeback
    Hate Radio Used by Fringe Groups
    50,000 Watts of Hate
    FAIR Hate Radio Resources
    FAIR Rush Limbaugh Resources Page
    Hate Radio Jocks Sentenced - A cautionary tale as to the consequences of hate.
    The First Newsletter in .pdf format
    Talking Points in .pdf format
    4-11-2002 Letter in the Eugene WEEKLY in  .pdf format.
    Principled Disagreement .html format
    The Ethics of What We're Doing .html format
    A Sample Letter to an Advertiser (coming soon)



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