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What does "mendacity" mean? Do you really care? Heck NO!

A SALUTE TO MOM! A page as broad as her Enemies List!

A word about R-E-V-E-N-G-E from Snippy's Mom: "Heads we win, Tails you lose!"

Paybacks are a BITCH, Honey!
"Did you really think we forgot about Watergate? Paybacks are a bitch, baby, and so am I!"

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Just read some of our reviews!

Hey, it's nothing to SNIFF at!
- A Rich Republican Yalie

Look, he went to Yale! Give him a break! - Anonymous Prof. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard)

I guess ANYbody CAN become president - that is, if anybody is the idiot son of a President and grandson of a Senator with heavy connections within the CIA and Pentagon - A Late Reviewer

Gosh, it's all just been a BLUR! 
Kinda reminds me of college! (Heh, heh!)

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Kiss your privacy goodbye!

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W stands for Wugged

W stands for Wiwwy bwiwwyant!

W stands for Momma's Boy!

(er, 'M' we mean)

The Top GOP

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and his MOM!

(ain't that sweet?)

"The weaselly sneakiness you get from me, Son."

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And let's not forget the FLOTUS 
(First Lady of the United States)

The face that launched a thousand benders, at peace.
a private Inaugural moment

Special Report: 

I thought my boy was a Moron ...

And now he was going 



Linda (wotta) Tripp with her new plastic surgery that someone seems to have mysteriously paid for

The Festival of Mendacity 
would like to give thanks to 
another hard- working Mom!

  stands for Weasel


What's important, really, is good breeding ....


Just monkeying around. Right Georgie?
(Note: We didn't do any of these monkey boy shots, but we 
sure thank whoever did! The FOM sez 'Thanks!'


If all these family values are too saccharine for you, you might want to catch a movie, instead! We've heard a lot of GOOD things about this one!

Just in time to get at all that oil and gas in Wyoming. Did you know that Dick used to play at Teapot Dome when he was a kid growing up in Casper, Wyoming? No? Did you know that his wife is keeping her job with a Right Wing Think Tank while he runs the country? No? Well what DO you know about Dick, anyway?

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What does "mendacity" mean? Do you really care? Heck NO!

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