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Special Merit Award

Maestro of Mendacity!

Henry J. Hyde

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Mr. Hyde, having had a long, destructive affair when he was in his early 50's passed if off as a "youthful indiscretion." Mr. Clinton, at the same age, however, was a criminal who had to be impeached to preserve the "Rule of Law."


For SPECIAL MERIT, the MASTER OF THE MENDACIOUS, 33rd Degree, rarely conferred, is presented to Mr. Hyde! 



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When caught in mendacity,

One of the most interesting things in this trial was the testimony of the President's good friend, the former Senator from Arkansas. He did his persuasive best to maintain the confusion that this is all about sex. Of course, it is useful for the defense to misdirect our focus to what everyone concedes are private acts and none of our business. But if you care to read the articles of impeachment, you won't find any complaints about private sexual misconduct. You will find charges of perjury and obstruction of justice which are public acts and Federal crimes, especially when committed by the one person duty bound to faithfully execute the laws. Infidelity is private and noncriminal. Perjury and obstruction are public and criminal. The deliberate focus on what is not at issue here is a defense lawyer's tactic and nothing more. This entire saga has been a theater of distraction and misdirection, time-honored defense tactics when the law and the facts get in the way.







Special Award

Master of Mendacity

James Rogan


Order of the
Cigar Award

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The Order of the Cigar is awarded for Mendacity above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Rogan is the first recipient of this highly coveted prize. The prize is awarded for more than mere mendacity, including acts of outrageous insolence, perversity and/or rudeness masquerading under a thin veneer of civility. Well DONE, Mr. Rogan!



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Having been asked to know what the Prosecution intended to introduce into evidence, as in any Civil or Criminal trial, Mr. Kendall, the President's lawyer, had a legitimate claim, we confess, but Mr. Rogan ROSE TO THE OCCASION with this sterling bit of mendacity!

I will imitate my colleague at the bar Mr. Kendall's brevity, if not his eloquence.

I simply suggest this is somewhat a unique opportunity that counsel is inviting the House managers to engage in, to give counsel notice of page and line of transcripts for the presentation of evidence that we are going to make. It is our prerogative to put on our evidence; it is White House counsel's opportunity to put on their evidence. Asking us to choreograph that for them and with them is something that I am unfamiliar with, except for one time.

I remember during my days as a judge in California that a similar request was made for me, and a law clerk pointed out to me language from one of the late great justices of the California Supreme Court, Otto Kaus. Apparently, a similar request was made to Justice Kaus to do the same thing in a case, and Justice Kaus looked at the lawyer making the request and he said, `I believe the appropriate legal response to your request is that it is none of your damn business what the other side is going to put on.'


[Note: Mr. Counsel KENDALL stated: . "That philosophy might want to be emulated at some point by the drafters of the Federal Civil Rules, but it is not. In every Federal civil trial, this procedure is followed, the designation, the identifying, and designating of deposition excerpts.

"Again, I think it will make for a fairer and more efficient proceeding. I don't think trial by surprise has a place here."

But Mr. Rogan had made his point, and the motion was handily defeated.]

Mr. Rogan, the F.O.M. SALUTES YOU!!



Special Merit Award:

James Rogan

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The Congressional Medal of Mendacity has been awarded posthumously to Mr. Rogan. He seems to have lost his congressional seat in the 2000 Election. Tch. Tch. 

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Listen to the words of Dr. Larry Arnn of the Claremont Institute:

[E]lections have no higher standing under our Constitution than the impeachment process. Both stem from provisions of the Constitution. The people elect a president to do a constitutional job. They act under the Constitution when they do it. At the same time they elect a Congress to do a different constitutional job. The president swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, both in elections and in the impeachment process.

If the president is guilty of acts justifying impeachment, then he, not the Congress, will have `overturned the election.'



Special Merit Award:

When in doubt, obfuscate

Master of Mendacity

Ed Bryant

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This is not a game. This is not a game to anyone here. There are extraordinary consequences to what we are doing and what we have been doing and what your decision will be. The stakes are very high. We don't need to take a poll to do what we did. I am reminded of the testimony of the President and Dick Morris taking the poll to determine whether to tell the truth or not, and then after deciding the public would not forgive his perjury*, he said, `We will just have to win.' But that's not the attitude the House managers have in bringing this case here. The managers fully appreciate the seriousness and the consequences of this. We want to do the right thing. We are not here just to win. We want to help the Senate in this constitutional process do the constitutional thing--not only for the precedent of this Senate but for the precedent of future generations in terms of how the courts now and later will view obstruction of justice and perjury. We believe this is a constitutional effort and not a game.


*Special Mendacity Tip: If you can't prove it, just state it as if it were an accepted fact and move on. This is very effective.

Mr. Bryant, the F.O.M. SALUTES YOU!!


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