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Mr. Williams has been a writer, author, critic, et al since 1973


This used to be background material for commerce; It said: "(agents & editors, pls. note)" But agents and editors had no idea what the Internet was when this was created, and now they're too snooty
to bother going to an online "resume." When you say: "Please 
look at my web page, they invariably
sniff and say, in essence,
'I can't 
be bothered to click on a link or
type, at most 28 characters, because

After a decade, you have to admire
the consistency of their response.

We here at vorpal are DULY IMPRESSED

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
left it dead, and with its head
He went
galumphing back.

Odds and ends ... odds and sods ... oggs and soggs ... green eggs and ham ... odds and ham .... ham and spam. ...  green eggs and spam ...  spam I am ... I am spam ...

You really think I'm going to post that HERE? My Political Résumé
Just what it says. Or perhaps not.
What the heck is "Horse Laugh" anyway?
For one thing, this website is actually HL#6.
Inventory for sale
Horrifically outdated, but since I hate doing statistical typing, I left it here as a personal memento of my Kelly Girl days (before they went PC and decided it was Kelly Personnel)
The Great Canadian Novel (synopsis)
Sure to sweep the nation right after the "Mud Shark" does. It is, in fact, pointless to try and attempt the Great American Novel, so I thought I'd start small and work my way up.
The Acoustic Air Force Page (music)
Occasionally, I'm called a Renaissance Man. Usually I'm called uglier. I run open mikes and have played solo acoustic guitar gigs from Oregon to Connecticut, and from Minnesota to Texas. The Acoustic Air Force is my invisible, ad hoc band. Find out how you can join. We are currently grounded.
The Dogs of War
A sample AAF lyric inserted during a fit of pique over a certain militia action in Oklahoma City. The song predates the bombing.
Those 50+ Pseudonyms
Yes, Virginia, it's true: I've written under over 50 (try saying that with soup in your mouth!) "The modern day composer refuses to die." -- Edgar Varese.
Art By Hart (computer)
OK. You must have noticed that I've done virtually all the graphics and animation on this site. OK, you probably haven't noticed and don't really care. But I started out doing doodles rather than listen to another boring physics class and have had a couple of art gallery showings and miscellaneous stuff here and there. This is more miscellaneous artwork for the esthetically inclined...
Art By Hart (traditional)
What it says.

The vorpal blade went snicker snack!

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