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"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

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[sorry if my logo is nicer than theirs. I just think their BW logo sucks!]

  A mini-homepage with several articles I've written; links to websites, exclusive photographs and a bulletin board you can register your opinion on. If not, AT LEAST read the article below ...
When is a Hopi NOT a Hopi?
  This originally appeared in THIS WEEK WITH TEETH, a weekly newsmagazine formed by the founder of  THE OTHER PAPER, after the "PC" board members threw him out -- quite possibly for publishing 'The Hopi Columns" below. All we know for sure is that he had just obtained a grant for TOP from a local foundation, and suddenly was persona non grata at his own publication. I have added this (7-16-99) because of recent developments  that have made our Hopi investigative project relevant again. All hail "progressives."
"Custer's Lemonade Stand"
[History Wars! With NASTY LETTERS coming SOON!]
The Theodore Sturgeon Column
  [The Mark of Cain - Science Fiction as Literature. A little background: Miss Super High IQ in PARADE Magazine claims that SF is too "impossible" for her rarefied intellect, and she wants "real" literature. Just goes to show that having the World's Highest IQ doesn't preclude one from being a moron.]     AND, as an introduction to the postmodernist rant ...
Sturgeon as Yoda, or, the Empire Strikes Back
  • The 'Rant Against Postmodernism' Trilogy ---------------------

Postmodernism is the English Department's poor understanding of your basic 1950's style Existentialism. Strangely, instead of getting over the "wearing all black with sunglasses and a dogeared copy of Camus' L'Etranger sticking out of the back pocket of your unwashed black levis .... a generation of college professors bought into "postmodernism." And thus, was much terrible, execreble, hideous writing ... much horrifically bad, tortured, precious .... well read on...

The Emperor's New Clothes, Part I: A Deep Malaise

[or, what the hell is wrong with American Letters?]

The Emperor's New Clothes, Part II: Interstate

Originally an assignment for a Large Northwestern paper, this turned into something far less throwaway.

[Finalist for the National Book Award, he must know where the bodies are buried.
Not ONE NBCC member [National Book Critics' Circle] so much as
nominated this dreadful, self-indulgent garbage!]

THINK about that, for a minute. INTERSTATE is found utterly ignorable by the American Critical Fraternity, and ends up a finalist for an NBA anyway? What the heck IS wrong with American Letters?

The Emperor's New Clothes, Part III: Hope

There actually IS some good writing out there.

Deconstructionism? Feh! Why I Hate Postmodernism, or, How I managed to drop out of college just in time
  Now you know WHAT I'm against, but you might wonder WHY I'm against it. Fair enough.

---------------------end of rant---------------------

The  BOOKSHELF Archive


Another "mini-homepage" -- I wrote for an on-line magazine a couple of years before it became profitable. Naturally, the poor magazine sank. Too bad: some of it was a helluvalot better than what passes in "SALON"

Looking up the "Rama: Lama? Ding-dong?" review? Then the following should be added from the February, 1996 Santa Fe SUN: "Hart Williams' review of 'Surfing The Himalayas' has attracted national attention. The ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, WASHINGTON POST, NEWSWEEK, and WIRED have all sought him out and some have printed excerpts of last month's review... -- Ed."

Of course, you've probably heard about how "Freddie Lenz" was found dead in the bay on Long Island, with a stomach full of pills. But he's reacquired "hip" status, as his disciples continue to flog his misbegotten wares to the unwary. Turns out that Art Bell, uberweird late night radio host, was "Freddie's" first cousin. Small world.

"borrowed" logo, the way THEY borrowed my copyrights!

A sampling of my reviews in the Kansas City Star, 1989-1996
  Yes, Virginia. I WAS there a lot longer than Hemingway -- who was only there a matter of months.
Rama: Lama? Ding-Dong?  the website (no relation) is HERE
  The article that launched the TranceNet website and got WIRED and NEWSWEEK all excited.

A video representation of Mr. Williams for the curious.


Artists Kelly Freas and the late William Rotsler contribute their interpretations of Williams' mug.

"Hiroshima Non Amour"
[That gosh-darned racist WWII!]
Washington Post BOOKWORLD: Fiction Roundup,  Sept 7, 1997

[extensions of my long-running attack on post-modernist bullsquash masquerading as fiction]

The First Twenty Years
  I promise to only get nostalgic and maudlin about my career every ten years or so.

The vorpal blade went snicker snack!

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Excite's NetReviews:

- Don't Miss "Believe it or not, there's some first-rate prose on the Web. Hart Williams is a columnist for the Santa Fe Sun and several other Southwestern newspapers; he's posted a bunch of his columns and book reviews, as well as short stories and unclassifiable gems. He's smart; he's informed; he's funny as hell." [Remember it's under "his vorpal sword"]

and now, a Magellan 4 Star Site!


And, the strangest review of all ...

 Jeepers! We've been reviewed (whooooa!), and were the WebRats'  "cool site"
for March 4, 1996. Of us, they stated:

[Webrats vanished without a trace during the cyberwinter of '96. And NOW, eerily, they're back. 99]

"his vorpal sword"

"Huh? We don't get it, but it is original, and it doesn't look bad. Apparently, (the best we can figure) a professional writer having some fun with his Web Page. Then again..."


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 Nothing like intellectuals on the web, right? Betcha they all know who Fred Flintstone's wife is, but have no clue as to who "Dred Scott" might be.


All I can say is, gosh, golly, gee whiz! Now go look for those secret links ....







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